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Csaba Borzasi, the founder of Game of Conversions

What Others are Saying About Me and Game of Conversions

Csaba's programs are top-notch

His work and knowledge are not only helpful but carry lots of value and increases the quality of any business. Some people play great songs, some people paint, Csaba can for sure write elegantly engaging and persuasive messages.

Nestor C.  //  CEO of Clevermask

Mastermind Copywriter

Csaba has been a great asset to this project. I could not have asked for a better partner in Kickstarter success. He is friendly, his creativity is diabolical, he had constant, clear communication, and met all deadlines with shining stars. I would recommend him to any of my friends!

Dane T.  //  Founder of R We Still On Time

His clients LOVE him and his work

Csaba is a great guy who's the most experienced sales copywriter I've ever met. Emails, sales pages, landing pages ... he's a pro with all of these. Sometimes, I ask him how his and his clients' businesses are going and I always admire his stories. His clients LOVE him and his work - while he's already given me so much brilliant advice that it would be hard to reciprocate. Thank you!

Daniel B.  //  CEO of Budai Media

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