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And I'm an Emotional Response Marketer

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I help ambitious online businesses convert more casual leads into profitable customers and plug the holes in their “leaky” funnels.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

For years, I’ve fantasized about quitting my soul-sucking 9-5 job at IBM and doing something I really enjoyed...

But the problem was that I had absolutely no idea how to get there.

Still, as an eternal optimist, I was hopeful that there must be a way to make this happen.

So I started spending a decent chunk of those eight gruelling hours each day listening to podcasts on starting a business…

...and then when I got home, I spent several more hours binge-reading books on sales, marketing, and psychology.

That’s when I discovered that it was legitimately possible to sit at home in my underwear and still make money working from my laptop. (thanks for that, Tim Ferriss!)

I felt like my prayers had been answered!

Finally, there was a glimmer of hope in my quest of not being a corporate drone forever.

So after a few months, fueled by determination and armed with an MBA and a BA in Psychology under my belt from my studies…

I took the plunge and quit my job to become a business development manager for an impressive-looking wealth management company.

Now, this wasn’t complete freedom just yet…

But it was a good start, and a great opportunity to see how good I really was at sales.

How hard could it be, right?

I mean…

I had received extensive training in how people are supposed to work, so I thought doing sales would be a breeze.

Soon enough, I collided with the cold hard truth...

That studying a bunch of high-level theories regarding how people are supposed to work…

And knowing how they really make purchasing decisions in real life are two completely different things!

Plus, I really, really, REALLY hated the scammy high-ticket financial products that this company was pushing, along with its predatory work ethic.

So after about 6 months, I was back to the drawing board yet again.

However, I learned something crucial...

I discovered that I enjoyed selling, but wanted to do it on a bigger scale.

So that’s how I stumbled across a funny-sounding thing called “direct response copywriting”.

And it was love at first sight ❤️ 

This was the perfect combination of marketing, psychology, sales, and business.

Everything I was geeking out about lately!

All I had to do was write a bunch of “persuasive words” in an email or on a website…

...and people would shower me (and my clients) with money.

It was my dream ticket to freedom and internet riches!

Except, it wasn’t…

This whole freelancing thing wasn’t quite as easy as some people made it out to be.

Months went by, and I was taking on any bottom-of-the-barrel gig I could find just to pay the bills.

In fact, my first client as a professional copywriter had a sex shop and wanted me to write product descriptions for penis extenders, cock rings, and dildos.

Go figure... ?‍♂️  

And although selling these types of products was super funny and all…

...It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I decided to start copywriting full-time for a living.

PLUS, I really hated that my clients only wanted me to write the typical “BUY MY SHIT”-type marketing campaigns and nothing else.

Which not only annoyed me but their readers as well.

And as I became more and more invested in learning the ins and outs of direct response copywriting, I knew there was a better way of doing things.

My blood was pumping with desire to figure it out.

And I even remember thinking to myself:

“Come hell or high water, I’m gonna make this email copywriting thing work!”

So after hundreds of projects and dozens of clients, I discovered something that hit me like a truck...

There was one thing in common with all the companies that were killing it with their marketing campaigns...

Their messaging wasn’t all about selling at any cost with “FOMO”, “persuasion hacks”, “ninja tactics”, or “psychological triggers”...

Instead, it was just like a helpful 1-on-1 conversation with the aim of genuinely HELPING the reader (or viewer) solve their burning problem.

It oozed personality. It entertained. It told a vulnerable story.

And it left the prospect feeling hungry for more!

It was essentially world-class salesmanship... but "multiplied".

This type of copy gave genuine value first, without sounding like a late-night infomercial.

When I explained this to one of my clients at the time, he was skeptical.

He was afraid that by using stories, being vulnerable, and dialing down on sales intensity… we would alienate people and leave a lot of money on the table.

Still, I managed to convince him to give it a try for our next campaign, and see what happens.

A day after we launched that campaign, he sent me an email with the subject line:

“Is this for real?!”

Assuming I was fired, hands shaking, I opened the email.

What I saw then completely shocked me...

That single, story-driven campaign (send out exclusively via email!) not only made $9,568 in sales in ONE DAY…

But also gave the momentum to help fund the Kickstarter campaign we were working on to $102,000...

...250% more than the original $40,000 target!

I was blown away by how shockingly effective this type of copywriting really was...

And at that moment, I realized that I want to dedicate my life to mastering the amazing skill of EMOTIONAL direct response copywriting.

So here’s the moral of the story:

The old way of marketing is dying.

People have learned to tune out when they ads like…

“Cart closes in 2 hours” or “25% OFF everything” or “Last chance...”

It’s become a snooze-fest.

Nobody cares anymore.

So to make your marketing work for you in 2021 and beyond...

You need to take a chance and stop doing what everyone else is doing.

You need to STOP treating your audience like an udder... useful only for “milking” purposes...

And you need to START thinking about them like "real people" - with REAL pains, fears, hopes, dreams, and desires.

And, of course, you need to find a persuasive way to effectively communicate with them.

Look, my client took a chance... and as a result, his product became wildly-successful.

I took a chance when I quit my job, and it paid off in spades.

What are you going to do now that you know about the endless possibilities of emotional direct response marketing?...

Are you ready to take a chance and transform your boring copycat marketing campaigns into revenue generating powerhouses?

If you are, boy you're gonna LOVE what I'm about to give you...

You see, I recently reverse-engineered 100 world-class ads (written by master copywriters) in 100 days...

And I've put together this FREE cheat sheet for you that reveals the “Secret Recipe” behind 100 of the most profitable ads of all time…

Including how YOU can apply this simple formula to your own marketing campaigns for BLOCKBUSTER response...

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All you gotta do is click button below, fill out your details, and I’ll send you this "secret recipe" right away (PLUS a few cool bonuses that you'll LOVE 😉) 

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What others are saying

Csaba's programs are top-notch

His work and knowledge are not only helpful but carry lots of value and increases the quality of any business. Some people play great songs, some people paint, Csaba can for sure write elegantly engaging and persuasive messages - he's top notch! If you have the opportunity to join one of his programs DO IT and you'll thank me later!

Nestor Canales  //  CEO of Clevermask

The most experienced sales copywriter I've ever met

Csaba is a great guy who's the most experienced sales copywriter I've ever met. Emails, sales pages, landing pages ... he's a pro with all of these. Sometimes, I ask him how his and his clients' businesses are going and I always admire his stories. His clients LOVE him and his work - while he's already given me so much brilliant advice that it would be hard to reciprocate. Thank you!

Daniel Budai  //  CEO of Budai Media

It was very easy to communicate and work with him

It was really nice working with Csaba. He understood my vision and helped me formulate my messaging and come up with great ideas. It was very easy to communicate and work with him. I am very grateful to be working with him.

Jyoti Bajaj  //  Founder of Indigo Valley

Mastermind writer

I was quite impressed with the quality of your emails and how you were able to captivate your audience with storytelling. You nailed it to my door, with an abundance of creativity!

Dane Theisen  //  Founder of R We Still on Time

Csaba is a true professional and a craftsman in terms of his output

The world and outsourcing sites, in general, are full of self-proclaimed 'experts', you sir are a true professional so I will always take your guidance on matters.

Jon Turner  //  CEO of TLD Wealth & Don't Wish You Had

Want to hire me for a project?

I help online companies go from "meh" to "HOLY SH*T we sold how much?!" with persuasive copywriting, story-driven email campaigns, and smart marketing automation.

If you feel like your business could benefit from this, click the button below and let's talk.


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