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10 Email Marketing Best Practices that Work in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

This handy article covers 10 email marketing best practices that – when applied – will greatly boost your results with email.In fact, applying these principles can often mean the difference between an email campaign that produces an impressive ROI, generating you more revenue while also creating loyal fans in the process – and one that […]

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9 Advanced Sales Page Optimization Tips to Boost Your Sales

Advanced Sales Page Optimization Tips

This in-depth article is a crash course in effective sales page optimization so you can skyrocket your conversion rates and make more sales without the need for more traffic.But before we dive into the optimization tips themselves, what exactly IS a sales page?In short, it’s a specialized page on your website that’s sole objective is […]

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Analyzing 7 Proven Bullet Formulas: Why they work and how to use them

Analyzing 7 Proven Bullet Formulas: Why they work and how to use them

Everyone’s obsessed with ‘headline formulas’ nowadays.​And I get it: people want a convenient way to come up with attention-grabbing, eye-popping, door-busting headlines…​Problem is, headlines are crazy complicated and need a TON of work that’s only visible under the hood.​And although there are some proven headline formulas out there (here’s a useful list of 39 formulas […]

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Copywriting vs Content Writing vs SEO Writing – What’s the Difference?

Copywriting vs content writing

Copywriting vs Content Writing vs SEO Writing v. Conversion Copywriting vs Direct Response Copywriting…It seems like there are just so many types of writing.But what’s the main difference between them?And how do you make sure you use the right one for the right situation?This article will hopefully help you answer that, by debunking the most […]

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My Brutally Honest MemberVault Review – Is it Better than Teachable?

MemberVault Review - Game of Conversions

In this in-depth analysis, we’re going to dive deep into what MemberVault actually is, how it works “under the hook”, and figure out whether it’s the right membership solution for you.Look, If you want to start and grow a successful online business, you’re going to need a membership site or some type of learning management […]

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Get More Qualified Leads with this Plug & play Consulting Email Sequence

consulting email sequence

This practical guide deconstructs a proven consulting email sequence that you can use to land more clients and get paid more.Here’s the problem: Building out a stable pipeline of new leads as a consultant is always a pain in the A$$.It requires constant hustling and never-ending vigilance.And once you stop doing lead generation, it’s only […]

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39 Proven Headline Formulas to Instantly Grab Attention & Boost Sales

39 Proven headline formulas

This guide will empower you with a useful collection of proven headline formulas so you can get more attention and sales fast.As you might have heard before, the headline is THE most important element of any sales message.It’s the first thing people see – and you only have 2 seconds to grab their attention…And if […]

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From Unaware to “Shut Up & Take My Money” – The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness

5 Stages of Customer Awareness - Game of Conversions

In this article, you’ll learn how to write laser-targeted copy that converts by taking into consideration the 5 key stages of customer awareness.Originally created by Eugene Schwartz, this powerful method gives you the ability to always target the right audience with the right message at the right time – so that they open their hearts and wallets for you.Unfortunately, a lot of marketers totally […]

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How to Write FASTER, Better & With Less Effort (Using these 7 Free Tools)

How to Write Faster, Better, and With Less Effort - Game of Conversions

Most copywriters I talk to are almost always looking for new ways on how to write faster.And honestly, I’m not surprised.Writing the same amount of copy faster allows you to get more work done and make more money as well in the process.Problem is, a lot of beginner (and even more advanced) copywriters are really […]

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Facebook Ads Metrics Explained: Discover What Your Results Really Mean

Facebook Ads metrics

This in-depth article will show you exactly how to analyze all the various Facebook Ads metrics inside Ads Manager, and how to use that data to lower your ad costs and boost your results confidently.Here’s the thing: If you’re running Facebook Ads, you probably want to know EXACTLY how they’re doing.The good news is that […]

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9 Actionable Landing Page Best Practices that Work Wonders in 2020

Today you’re going to learn 9 of my favorite landing page best practices to greatly boost the conversion rate of your landing pages.Getting you more subscribers, sales and ultimately – loyal customers.in fact, these are the same techniques that I’ve used to get a solid 68% conversion rate on one of my own landing pages […]

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