Game of Conversions
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How a single sales email helped fund this successful Kickstarter project to over 250%

Sales Email Case Study

The Anatomy of a Profitable Sales Email Today I’ve got a real treat for you.A detailed case study about an awesome sales email written by myself – that managed to take an already successful Kickstarter project to a whole new level.At the end of the day, the project received funding in excess of $102,000 and […]

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How to become the TOP 1% entrepreneur in your field with the Game of Conversions Framework

What the Hell is the Game of Conversions Framework? TL/DR: It’s the underlying philosophy behind this whole website.A powerful paradigm that can help you get more sales, close more deals, and perhaps most importantly: grow a successful business that people will love.I’ll talk more about the Game of Conversions Framework a bit later, but first, […]

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