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10 Email Marketing Best Practices that Work in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

This handy article covers 10 email marketing best practices that – when applied – will greatly boost your results with email.In fact, applying these principles can often mean the difference between an email campaign that produces an impressive ROI, generating you more revenue while also creating loyal fans in the process – and one that […]

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Email Copywriting CASE STUDY: The Anatomy of a Profitable Sales Email

This article is a detailed email copywriting case study that deconstructs the anatomy of a highly-effective sales email.This particular email has been written by me for one of my clients and it managed to take an already successful Kickstarter project to a whole new level.At the end of the day, the project received funding in excess […]

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How I Work – My Philosophy & the Game of Conversions Framework

TL/DR: This is a brain dump on how I work and the underlying philosophy behind my brand, Game of Conversions.It’s also about a powerful paradigm that can help you get more sales, close more deals, and perhaps most importantly: grow a successful business that people will love.I call this the “Game of Conversions Framework” and […]

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How to Raise Your Prices and Still Sell More with New Luxury Products

sell more with luxury products

Once upon a time, luxury products were reserved exclusively for the rich.If you wanted to buy something premium, you’d have to shell out big bucks – and the only option was to either settle for what 99% of everyone else was buying, or find a way to significantly increase your purchasing power.There really was no […]

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