💡“I have generated for my clients over $2 billion with this… and it costs nothing out of pocket!” — Jay Abraham

Give Me 15 Minutes… And I’ll Show You A Risk-Free Way To Acquire A SURGE Of High-Quality Email Subscribers For FREE

WITHOUT posting on social media, running paid ads, doing content marketing, cold outreach, or even webinars

Sounds Like a Pipe Dream?

Not if you use a simple new risk-free strategy called...

"Borrowed Authority"

From the desk of Csaba Borzasi

July 24th, 2024

Dear friend,

If you’re sick and tired of inconsistent cash flow in your business, this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read!


Because in a moment, you’ll discover a unique new method on how you can “piggyback” off of someone else’s business assets…

In a way that guarantees you hundreds — or even thousands — of high-quality email subscribers in as little as a few weeks at ZERO cost!

In fact, this strategy allows you to ethically “deposit” high-intent leads directly from your competitors' audience into yours... 

...And have them thank you for it! 😮

Now look...

I know that’s a bold claim that couldn't possibly be true...

But I’ve got something here that can really help you if you’re struggling.

Just listen to me for a minute.

I want to show you exactly how you can easily find go-to authorities in your niche who’ve already built an engaged audience bursting with the exact same leads & customers you’d like to attract…

And “borrow” their authority to acquire a surge of high-intent leads (and red-hot buyers!) for FREE…

  • WITHOUT posting on social media
  • WITHOUT running paid ads
  • WITHOUT content marketing
  • WITHOUT doing cold outreach
  • And WITHOUT even doing webinars or exhausting free trainings! 

That's right...

You get to take full advantage of authorities and influencers in your niche who’ve already done the long and hard work FOR you...

And they’ll even thank you for it ;)

In fact, they’ll be delighted to send high-paying customers your way!

And the best part?

Doing This Is Super Easy...

Once You Know A Couple Of Things

All you really need is to use this one simple trick I call the “Borrowed Authority Method”.

Using this guarantees you a surge of high-quality email subscribers…

No matter what niche you're in... 

What product you sell... 

Or how much business experience you have!

Pretty cool, right?

Here’s the bottom line:

I’d love for you too to discover this game-changing new method…

And how to use it in your business so you can finally say goodbye to inconsistent cash flow and feel confident in your business and your life.

But I need 15 minutes of your time to really show it to you.

And if you’re serious about changing your life and your business…

Then here's what to do next:

💡 STEP ONE: Watch This Behind-The-Scenes Training Below:

DEMO: How I Added 864 High-Quality Subscribers To My Email List in Just 60 Days - FOR FREE - By Using the "Borrowed Authority" Method

See how I consistently generate high-quality lead flow - WITHOUT posting on social media, paid ads, or cold emails

➡️ STEP TWO: Claim Your Exclusive Offer

Get The Exact System, Templates & Email Sequences To Generate A Surge of High-Quality Email Subscribers Fast

Inside, you'll discover:

  • What the Borrowed Authority Method is (and how it's different and superior to other list building strategies you've seen before!)
  • The #1 principle of ridiculously effective lead gen funnels (DO NOT ignore this… unless you enjoy pouring gasoline on your money and lighting it on fire)
  • The shocking difference between "High-Intent" and "Low-Intent" leads (and how attracting the 2nd category can bankrupt your business!)
  • A deceptively simple (yet grossly overlooked) technique that causes high-intent leads to flock to your list in droves
  • How to make your lead magnet "invisible" to tire-kickers, freebie-seekers, and "Looky Loos"... while attracting the EXACT people you want! 
  • My step-by-step 80/20 process for architecting an effective lead magnet that stands out from the crowd, and immediately positions you as the go-to expert in your field 
  • My proven opt-in page blueprint that consistently gets me 50-60% conversion rates (regardless of the traffic source!)... and how you can easily replicate it for yourself!
  • The #1 thing you MUST do immediately once someone joins your list to make a great impression and start the process of building Know, Like, and Trust
  • How to position YOUR solution as different and superior compared to anything else your new leads have seen before (even if they think they've tried everything to no avail)
  • The most effective FREE list building strategy I've ever seen that works WITHOUT posting on social media, building an extensive content library, or slaving away at SEO
  • The exact tools, templates, and resources I use for my own Borrowed Authority campaigns (so you don't have to starts from scratch!)
  • A foolproof EZ-button way to consistently come up with high-converting Big Ideas for your Borrowed Authority campaigns


#1 - The "Borrowed Authority LIVE Workshop

As a core part of this offer, I'll be hosting a LIVE implementation-focused workshop exclusive to customers who join as part of this launch.

You'll discover my exact step-by-step strategy that anyone can use to generate a surge of high-quality email subs FAST...

And we'll plan out and brainstorm the specific steps YOU need to take to build a high-converting lead-gen funnel that gets results as fast as possible.

IMPORTANT: This WILL NOT be a passive training or course...

It's going to be a 2.5-3hr. "roll-up-your-sleeves" action-focused workshop where we'll get sh*t done 

In fact, I guarantee that - if you show up live - you'll come away with specific practical things that will supercharge your progress.

(but if you can't make it live, you'll of course get the recordings too)

#2 - Proven “Borrowed Authority” Scripts & Templates

You'll also get the specific scripts and templates I've developed over the past year to make sure you can run your first Borrowed Authority campaign in no time flat!

These include specific things to say to potential partners... how to get them to promote you... how to follow-up... and what resources and swipes you should share with them.

This is a REALLY handy collection that's especially useful if you're not a pro copywriter.

#3 - TOOL: No-Nonsense Campaign Tracking Sheet

You'll get the exact same tracking sheet I personally use to manage and carry out my own "Borrowed Authority" campaigns.

This simple but handy sheet will help you keep track of your prospects... and make sure the details of your campaigns won't slip through the cracks.

#4 - TOOL: The "Breakthrough Big Idea Scoring Tool"

One of the crucial things you need to reliably generate high-quality leads / subscribers is to have an INTENT-based lead magnet that "connects" with your Ideal Customer Avatars immediately... and that has a so-called "BIG IDEA".

If you've been a student of the world of conversion copywriting, you know how difficult nailing this Big Idea can be... 

But since it's arguably the #1 most important thing in any marketing campaign, you can't really ignore it.

Enter my custom Breakthrough Big Idea Scoring Tool.

It's a truly unique custom-built calculator that scientifically scores your Big Ideas quickly separating AMAZING ideas from those that are “meh”

There's nothing like this out there (believe me, I've looked)

#5 - SWIPE FILE: My Own Lead Gen Funnel

You'll get the swipe files for the exact same lead gen funnel I'm currently using in my business...

So you can get some extra inspiration from my stuff, and model it if you wish.

#6 - Pre-Flight Campaign Checklist

PROs *know* how important checklists can be before launching any project...

So that's why you'll also get a no-nonsense pre-flight checklist that will help you cover all the bases before launching your campaign.

Based on my experience, having a clear-cut no-fluff checklist with the RIGHT things can make a huge difference in your success.

The trick is to know what to include (and what not to)

#7 - SPECIAL BONUS: Accelerator Call 
with Csaba Borzasi

This is a focused 15-minute call with me personally (Csaba) to ID the biggest bottlenecks holding you back... and then identify exactly which part of the workshop will generate the biggest WIN in the shortest amount of time for you 😎


⭐⭐⭐ VIP OPTION ⭐⭐⭐


Everything you see above (all 7 things) PLUS:

  • 90-min private 1:1 call with Csaba, where we can dive deeper into YOUR specific situation and implement the principles, strategies, and tactics from the workshop into YOUR business in real-time, with my personal help
  • 30 days of priority email support (including Looms!), to answer any additional questions you might have and get feedback & guidance on implementation
  • 1x copy critique "credit", which you can use within the 30 days to submit ANY piece of copy (sales page, landing page, email campaign, website, etc.) for me to personally critique and improve for you. I'll become your personal Copy Chief.


money back


LIFETIME guarantee

You're Protected By A LIFETIME Money-Back Guarantee

Either you get stellar results, or you don’t pay

I, Csaba Borzasi, personally guarantee that:

Either you see a DRAMATIC boost in the number of high-quality email subscribers generated using this strategy…

Or I will personally give you 100% of your money back.

That's right...

I’m so confident this will be a game-changer for you, I’m willing to offer you a LIFETIME money-back guarantee.

If after going through the workshop + powerful resources + the Accelerator Call you feel like you didn’t get at least 3 good ideas for generating a surge of high-quality leads on autopilot...

Then simply email me at "csaba@gameofconversions.com" and I'll promptly give you 100% of your money back with no hassles or hard feelings.

Simple as that.

Are You REALLY Gonna Miss Out On This

 EPIC Offer? 

I sure hope not...

Because it's BY FAR the most valuable offer I've ever put together...

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No one else will get this...

And frankly, I'm not sure I'll ever offer this package again.

So why not grab it now, while you still can?

What awaits you is a well-rounded package of probably of the most powerful lead generation and list-building strategy you've ever seen...

So you can finally build a responsive email list full of high-intent leads and red-hot buyers fast!

So look…

You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to give this a risk-free shot…

And banish all that uncertainty, low confidence, frustration, anxiety, and pain that are holding you back from achieving the freedom you've always wanted.

So why not give it a try?

Why Not Give Yourself A Chance And Sign Up?

I mean…

What’s the worst that can happen?

You sign up… and if you doesn't like what you get, you ask for a refund.

But you can go to sleep knowing that you at least gave it an honest shot!

In other words, you can’t lose.

The ONLY way to lose is to do nothing by default... and miss out on saving a nice fat $400.

That's some serious savings... especially since after this, the price goes up FIVE (5!) times.

So as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say (and who doesn't loooove him?):

I'll see you inside ;)

Game of Conversions