Discover How to Turn Your Business into a “Lean Mean Machine” in Just 20 Minutes

Sh*t has officially hit the fan. To do my part during the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm giving away FREE 20-min conversion audits to help you stay profitable during these challenging times. 100% Value, 0% Upsell.

What you get

A 20-min video of my personally reviewing a sales page, landing page, email sequence, or Facebook Ad of your choice

Evaluating Your Offer

Your offer is the essential foundation of your sales message. If it sucks, your conversion rates (and sales) WILL suffer, no matter how much you spend on marketing and other things. I'll show you how you can make this irresistible.

Pro Copywriting Tips

Nobody has time for boring copy... especially now when you have to compete with the constant barrage of high-impact, "end-of-the-world"-style news articles. You'll get practical tips on how you can grab your audience's attention and make them listen to YOU.

Conversions Boosters

Chances are, your funnel has several "leaky" parts that are causing you to bleed away a significant portion of your precious traffic. I'll uncover "low-hanging fruits" in your system and you'll learn how to unlock your funnel's hidden potential.

why this matters

Getting better results by paying less for traffic is essential if you want to survive this

Lazy businesses that can't do that will go under, plain and simple.

However, smart businesses that can monetize their traffic more efficiently, "cut the fat" in places that don't add real value, and get more sales during the inevitable economic slowdown will thrive.

Question is, which business do YOU want to be...

Because the new reality is this: what got you here won't get you there.

You need to step up your game. I'll show you how.

So what's the catch?

Believe it or not, there's none. You don't need to opt-in to my email list and I won't upsell you anything.

I just want to do my part in helping as many people as possible get through this craziness so that - hopefully - we can get back to living life as "normal" (whatever that means) as easily as possible.

That being said, A LOT of people will take me up on this offer and I probably won't be able to review everyone's submission...

I'll do my best to do a fixed amount each week but spots will fill up FAST.

So if you want in, I suggest you apply now while spots are still available.

about me

Hi, I’m Csaba, a former psychology researcher turned conversion copywriter.

For years I struggled to create profitable marketing campaigns that actually make money, but was getting nowhere and I was at the end of my rope. 

Then I discovered a counter-intuitive method I call the “Elegant Persuasion Framework” that helped me reliably turn lukewarm subscribers into repeat customers, without being pushy or overly aggressive.

Today, I help 7-figure online companies go from "meh" to "HOLY SH*T we sold how much?!" with story-driven email campaigns, smart marketing automation, and Presell Facebook funnels.


Here's what people are saying about my work

"Csaba's emails consistently produced open rates of 30%+ and solid CTRs on our list of over 750k people. Highly recommended!"

Siva Sankar

Head of email at oberlo

"The world and marketing sites, in general, are full of self-proclaimed 'experts', you sir are a true professional so I will always take your guidance on matters."

Jon Turner

CEO of TPD Wealth

"Some people play great songs, some people paint, Csaba can for sure write elegantly engaging and persuasive messages."

Nestor Canales

CEO of clevermask


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Unlock Your Business's  TRUE  Money-Making Potential 

And get new customers on autopilot so you can boost your profitability, lower your costs, and gain the confidence to stay afloat (or even thrive!) during these challenging times.

However, remember, spots ARE quite limited. 

I won't be able to review everyone's submission, but I'll do my best to do a fixed amount each week. So if you want in, I suggest you apply now while spots are still available.