CHAPTER #5 of 7:

The BEST Way to Melt Away People’s Sales Resistance With Ease

(And Make Them LOVE You For It!)

PLUS: Dan Kennedy’s BIGGEST Mind-Hijacking Secret


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Welcome to Chapter #5 of this unique 7-part guide!

In the last chapter…

I revealed the most effective scientific way to “hack” someone’s brain and get them to ACT NOW…

PLUS: how “Neuroplasticity” really works…

And today, you’ll discover a proven blueprint for “Shifting Beliefs” in your target audience…

So that they’re emotionally warmed up and pre-suaded to receive your Offer with open arms.

Better yet…

Using this is guaranteed to give you a SURGE of new buyers...

More consistent cashflow...

And 10X more confidence in your ability to convert casual leads into paying customers.

In fact – this exact strategy has been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in pretty much every niche you can think of.


Before I let you in on this proven Belief-Shifting Blueprint…

First, we need to “get clear” on what the strategic aim of our copy is:

In essence, the strategic aim of our copy is to show the prospect that we have a DIFFERENT and SUPERIOR way to solve their Problem…

…so they won’t FEEL the Pain associated with their burning problem anymore!

Because of that, good persuasive copy:

  • Appeals to the prospect’s Core Emotions (Fear, Greed, etc)
  • Prods Buying Emotions (FOMO, etc)
  • Appeals to their Desired Identity (Ideal Future Self)
  • And gives them the Logical buying support they need (Reason Why)

…preferably all at the same time 😃

So now that we’re on the same page, there’s something else you need to understand:

People Want "Magic Pill" Solutions To Their Problems… But They're Pre-Conditioned To Be SKEPTICAL

So to successfully get them to buy your product:

  1. You need an incredible Promise
  2. But you ALSO have to make it sound Believable!


Because each and every one of us has 2 important brain FILTERS:

  • The "So what?!" Filter (which you overcome with a strong Promise)
  • And the "Yeah, right..."Filter (which you overcome with strong Proof)


In reality, most sales messages don’t have a problem with making a strong Promise…


Based on my experience – BY FAR the biggest mistake most copywriters, marketers, and business owners make is not having enough Believability.

(which is absolutely essential for shifting beliefs!)

Or in other words…

The bigger your Promise, the more Proof you need.

Because Anyone Can Make A Promise… But Nobody Buys Without BELIEF

And the best way I know of to establish Beliefs is with PROOF.

Layers upon layers of proof.

(FUN FACT: That’s why master closers usually close on proof & believability)

So how do you effectively use Proof in your marketing?


Just answer the following 3 questions:

  1. Why you?
  2. Why true?
  3. Why now?

Essentially, you want to give your prospects:

  • Compelling reason(s)... why your product is different & superior compared to any other solutions they might choose (including doing nothing!)
  • Compelling reason(s)... to believe what you say is true (these need to "make sense" and be logical)
  • Compelling reason(s)... to seize the opportunity TODAY, including WHY they can't go on living like this anymore (ex: The Crossroads Close technique)


Most OG copywriters routinely used Proof elements to strengthen their message…

But arguably the BEST copywriter to master the use of Proof elements was Gary Bencivenga.

In fact, he even invented a whole NEW type of marketing called “Proof Marketing”...

Creatively using all sorts of cool Proof elements like:

  • Demonstration 

  • Sell Against Type 

  • The Creative Guarantee 

  • Acknowledge Disbelief 

  • Reason Why 

  • Highly Believable Source 

  • Specifics Testimonials 

  • The Expose / True Nature Candor / Honesty

  • Explain The Mechanism 

  • Proof By Association 

  • And more!

According to Gary:

And because of his unshakable determination to Proof Marketing, Gary became the most successful copywriter of all time!

(having bought a luxury home in the Hamptons with just ONE direct mail promotion!)

So remember…

>> The Headline gets your prospect’s attention…

>> The Lead builds excitement, curiosity, and desire…

>> And after that, it's time to present them with a various Proof Elements that establish…

The ONE Buying Belief
the “North Star” of your belief-shifting efforts

So what exactly is the “One Buying Belief”?

According to Mark Ford…

(one of the key people responsible for growing Agora Financial to a $1B+ company)

It’s the most important belief your prospect needs to believe to buy.

And this is so important, 60-75% of your ENTIRE marketing campaign is basically just building a case for it!

Or in other words…

60-75% of your front-end marketing campaign should be selling the "One Belief" behind your product…

…and NOT the product itself!

(FUN FACT: That’s why long-form VSLs and sequential long-form sales pages work so well)

This way, people can't just "scroll down to the price" without getting exposed to the One Buying Belief first.

In fact, I LOVE how superstar marketer Todd Brown explains this concept:

(he just calls the One Buying Belief “Campaign Thesis”)

Here’s what the image above actually means…

  • 1 — Your job as a marketer is to show your ideal customer how your product is different and superior compared to anything else they've seen so far
  • 2 — The way you do this is by tapping into their already-existing desires... and coming up with a unique "Big Marketing Idea" (also called Big Idea)
  • 3 — Once you have the idea, you develop a Unique Mechanism that basically explains HOW your product/service actually works to deliver the result
  • 4 — Next up, you present your idea in an eye-catching Headline, and use the first part of your message (The Lead) to build desire and curiosity for your Unique Mechanism
  • 5 — After the Lead — and this is the most important part — you don't just start selling your product... You sell people on the Unique Mechanism instead by showing tons of Proof... culminating in them accepting your so-called "Campaign Thesis" (a.k.a., the belief that "YES, I now understand WHY this Unique Mechanism is the only way for me to achieve my goals")
  • 6 — And finally... after all those steps above... you give them your Offer


By this time, your ideal prospects are pretty much sold already.

And wanna know the most counter-intuitive aspect of this whole thing?

60-75% of your sales message doesn't really "sell" at all.

In fact, you don't even mention your product directly!

All you do is is trying to shift beliefs

...mainly by building a case for your Unique Mechanism.

That's it.

It's Kind Of Like Being A Prosecutor In Court 😮

You're leading people to accept your Campaign Thesis / One Buying Belief by showing various types of Proof elements.

Do you see now why this is so incredibly powerful?

It totally skips the "aggressive selling part"...

And because of that, it doesn't trigger people's sales resistance while you’re actively shifting their Beliefs.

(And once you DO shift into selling mode, you melt away objections with ease!)

So even better!

Win-win for everyone 😊

In fact, according to Blair Warren, author of the “One Sentence Persuasion” book: 

“People sometimes believe what they’re told… but never doubt what they conclude”

So remember…

Instead of thinking like a typical marketer or salesperson... think like a prosecutor who's building a case for the jury to accept their Thesis / One Buying Belief.

And try to get the reader to reach their own conclusion…

Because if you do, you'll be able to "short-circuit" people's natural sales resistance...

And you'll be able to make way more money...

Which means more freedom, happiness, and fulfillment for you.


There’s ONE LAST THING you need to know if you really want to use this method effectively:

For people to really accept your "One Buying Belief"...

…you also need to establish a series of SUB-Beliefs that lead them to that One Buying Belief.

Because – according to Dan Kennedy:

“If you can get your prospect to agree with the RIGHT set of Beliefs… In the right order… Then making the sale is almost inevitable.”

So how do you do THAT?


You *could* use something like Dan Kennedy’s Sequence of 9 Agreements.

These stand for:

Sub Belief 1


"Hmmm, interesting… YES, this could actually work”

This is just the possibility of your Big Promise.

DO NOT assume your ideal prospects automatically believe this. Many don’t.

Sub Belief 2

Beneficial Nature

“YES, this could be beneficial for me”

Remember the "So what?!" Filter? Your Promise must be BIG enough to compel action

Sub Belief 3


"YES, this is actually practical for me to attain”

You need to show them that this is practically attainable, not just a fantasy.

Sub Belief 4

PERSONAL Attainability

“YES, this is actually attainable for ME” (against all odds)

The sad truth is that most people have FAILED multiple times before in life.

Therefore, their “Fear of failure” and associated criticism is often stronger than the possibility of gain.

So you need to showcase lots of social proof elements from people similar to your prospect.

Sub Belief 5

Prior Failures NOT Prospect’s Fault

“YES, this is profoundly different from anything I’ve tried before”

This is where you empathize with your prospect through stories and lots of “Reason Why” elements that explain why prior failures weren’t their fault.

Additionally, this is also where the “Unique Mechanism of Problem” comes into play.

Sub Belief 6

PERSONAL Beneficial Nature

“YES, this is exactly what I need!”

This sub-belief is ALL about giving your prospects reasons why taking action makes sense for THEM.

It isn’t just about general benefits… but personal benefits for THEM.

Sub Belief 7

Advantageous or Urgent Timing

"YES, now I understand why this is super urgent!”

If you’re reading this, you probably know that Urgency / Scarcity is necessary to sell effectively.

This is the part where you leverage these techniques to compel them to act.

The more specific reason(s) you can use on why NOW’s the best time to buy, the better.

Sub Belief 8

PERSONAL Advantageous or Urgent Timing

“YES, now I understand I have to get this NOW!”

Now look… It’s one thing to give them generic urgency…

But it’s waaaay more powerful if you can make it feel like they PERSONALLY have to act now!

(overcoming their objections related to "I'll buy tomorrow")

Sub Belief 9

Personal Appropriateness

“YES, now I understand why this is my ONLY salvation”

Once you get to this point, you can be 95% sure enough of their beliefs have been shifted to finally establish the “One Buying Belief”.

Pretty cool, right?


If this sounds a bit too abstract to you…

Here’s a more concrete EXAMPLE to establish the following One Buying Belief:

The Most Effective Way To 3x Your Conversions Is With The “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting Framework”

Let’s see what the 9 sub-beliefs would look like in this case:

  • 1 – Possibility: Re-discovering the old-school fundamentals is the best way to be successful today
  • 2 – Beneficial Nature: Once you understand the fundamentals, everything will suddenly make sense!
  • 3 – Attainability: It’s actually easier than you think! I did the work for you… going back in time and breaking down 100+ sales letters, to extract and systematize their wisdom for YOU
  • 4 – Personal Attainability: It doesn’t matter if you’re not a pro copywriter or marketer, because once you discover these secrets, you’ll be ahead of the game
  • 5 – Prior failures are not the prospect’s fault: a lot of so-called “gurus” try to sell you watered-down versions of these fundamentals that don’t work. It’s not your fault, you’ve been misled to focus on shiny new tactics
  • 6 – Personal beneficial nature: Since people are more jaded than ever… and can see past hypey copy… using the “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting” Framework gets you raving fans who’ll buy from you and love you at the same time
  • 7 – Advantageous or Urgent Timing: But you can’t delay any longer because “winter is coming”... and those who don’t know these secrets will be left out for the wolves
  • 8 – Personal Advantageous or Urgent Timing: If you don’t get this, you’ll be left in the dark… and you’ll keep on “scraping by”
  • 9 – Personal Appropriateness: This is the ONLY thing that can help you consistently sell more (for yourself or your clients) – without using aggressive sales tactics or hypey marketing

Does this make sense to you?

I hope it does… 

Because this is an EXTREMELY powerful strategy!

So much so – in fact – that after I discovered it…

I couldn’t just idly “sit by”, doing nothing with it.

I knew I HAD to test it in real-world conditions to see how well the theory holds up to real life.

And over the course of the last 10 months, that’s exactly what I did…

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