CHAPTER #6 of 7:

A Trial By FIRE!

"Battle-Testing" My Breakthrough System 

Would It Stand Up To The REAL World… Or Would It Fail Miserably?

It was Time To Find Out...


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Welcome to Chapter #6 of "Csaba’s Copy Memoirs"!

In the last chapter…

I revealed the BEST way to melt away your prospect’s sales resistance with ease (and make them love you for it!)…

PLUS: The exact sequence of 9 sub-beliefs you have to “shift” to convert pretty much anyone into a raving fan.

And in this chapter…

I’m revealing how I validated and battle-tested my “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting” Framework in the REAL WORLD!

Because it’s one thing to have a promising new methodology in theory…

But a completely different thing to actually make it work in practical, real-life situations.

I mean…

That’s kind of like having a HOT girlfriend in an MMO game… VS… having one in real life.

You get the idea 😃

So the FIRST thing I needed to do after discovering this new method was to validate it with a client.

I couldn’t just idly sit by.

And as luck (or rather Fate) would have it…

A fellow member in Brian Kurtz’s Titans Xcelerator MastermindTom Matzen – sent me a message…

(Literally just a few days after I was putting the finishing touches on the framework!)

To ask me if I could create a long-form sales page for their impressive online event, Strategic Alliance LIVE.

Normally, I wouldn’t want to take on such a massive project at that time because I was working on some other stuff…

But I was like:

“Hell yeah, this is the PERFECT opportunity to test the “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting” Framework in real-life conditions!”

So I jumped on a call with Tom…

We talked specifics…

And I cleared out my calendar for 2 weeks to complete this project.

Little did I know…

With This Breakthrough Method – I Actually Completed The FULL Sales Page In Just FOUR (4) Days!

Let me repeat that:

A 50-page long-form sales page…

From start to finish (including the research part!)

...In just 4 days 😁

Along with Darth Vader himself, I was also totally blown away!

You see...

Normally, a mammoth project like this would have taken me – or virtually any other copywriter I know – AT LEAST 2 weeks…

…NOT 4 days!!!!

I mean… 

The research part itself for such a project usually takes people at least 1 week!

But in this case, I got through it in about 6 hours!

Now, a quick caveat here:

Tom definitely was a DREAM CLIENT.

He knew his existing marketing funnels well…

Had a great product…

And plenty of Proof elements to back all this up.

But still…

The ONLY reason I was able to extract everything I needed out of him to CRUSH this project… is because I used a completely different approach to doing marketing research.

One I now call: 

“The "No-Nonsense" 80/20 Marketing Research Process”


As I said, I completed the full page in just 4 days…

Then also consulted with Tom’s team to build a nice high-converting page for it…

(with UX, UI, design, and CRO tips)

And then the page was scheduled to go live in just 2-3 weeks – as it was pitching a big 5-day virtual event coming up.

Fast-forward about another 2 weeks AFTER the event…

And we jumped on a call with Tom to discuss how the new page performed.

He Was Completely Blown Away By The STAGGERING Increase In KPIs!


I can’t share all the numbers with you…

But here are a few MASSIVE improvements the new sales page achieved:

1 – Show Up Rates

Original Sales Page: 40%

NEW Sales Page: 62% (a 50% bump!)

2 – Conversions Rates During The Event

Original Sales Page: 12.5%

NEW Sales Page: 33% (an almost 3X increase!)

3 - Sales

Original Sales Page: low 7-figures in total

NEW Sales Page: $640,000 cash in hand… plus $50 MILLION in signed contracts!!!

(any way you slice it, that’s a STAGGERING increase!!!)


The show-up rate was higher. 

The participation rate was higher. 

And the back end was (MUCH) higher. 

An all-around “Home Run”, basically.

So why did the new page work so well?

Well, there are many reasons…

But the most important one is that I designed the entire message around the “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting Framework”.

And it worked like GANGBUSTERS!

It engaged the target audience at a FAR deeper level… and motivated them to come for the RIGHT reasons.

And because of this framework:

  • The right fit client was there…
  • For the right reasons
  • So they got more out of the event…
  • So they were more motivated in investing with Tom and his team at a higher level.

The whole message built upon itself.


If you’ve ever been involved in organizing such an event, you KNOW these numbers are off the charts!

But wanna know a secret?

The REAL reason why this sales page converted so well?

It’s NOT because I used some kind of “voodoo magic” to trick people into buying…

It’s because I designed the entire message around the “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting Framework”.

And as a result, we got MORE customers...

And – most importantly – WAY BETTER QUALITY customers.

Simple as that.

In fact, this is what Tom said about my breakthrough method and the experience of working with me:

Pretty cool, right? 😁

Imagine how it would feel if you also got a kickass testimonial like that from a Dream Client…

Imagine how much peace of mind, confidence in your copywriting abilities, and new opportunities this would give you!

You’d never have to feel that dreaded “Impostor Syndrome” again…

Because you’d possess the ability to craft high-converting sales copy on a whim…

And the game-changing money skill to reliably generate more sales, better customers, fewer refunds, and a happier life.

Or in other words, you’d have…

“The Midas Touch”

Wouldn’t that be cool?

It certainly would…

So I wanted to turn that wish into reality!

At this point, I was like:

“OK it seems like I’ve successfully deciphered the secret “copywriting source code” behind the most persuasive sales messages of all time… and it WORKS with clients… so now it’s time to test it with more people”

So I decided to create an exclusive 8-week “group implementation program” to further refine my method…

(that then became a 12-week program 😀#overdeliver)

… And see how well it works if I try to teach it to others as well.


I DEFINITELY didn’t just want to create “yet another course”.

There are pleeeeenty of those out there. 

(with usually pretty low-quality stuff inside)

Especially since most so-called “gurus” only teach whiz-bang surface-level tactics that are already over-used when you first learn about them.


I wanted to create a NEW “Emotional Response Marketing SYSTEM”…
  • Based on the timeless wisdom of the greatest copywriters and marketers of all time
  • That merges the most effective direct response principles with what’s working NOW in 2024
  • Into a repeatable, step-by-step process that anyone can use with ease

But before I could start…

I needed to know what this new program SHOULD NOT be.

So I polled my list, and asked them the following question:

“What is something you hate about the copywriting courses you've taken so far? (please be as detailed as possible)”

And after 87 responses…

It was pretty clear what people DID NOT like in popular copywriting / marketing programs out there:

Things like…

  • Too many tactics and templates… but not enough deep psychology explaining those tactics
  • Too much rambling and fluff… instead of a structured, practical step-by-step approach
  • Too much generic info… and not enough real-world examples that clearly demonstrate the point
  • Boring lessons that recycle the same old “truths” over and over again… without adding anything new
  • Disinterested and bored teacher… instead of someone passionate about their craft
  • Lots of random tips, tricks, and “hacks”... but without actionable guidance on HOW to implement
  • Supposedly “fill-in-the-blanks” templates… that ONLY work in certain situations and niches
  • Not enough focus on the proper fundamental principles of copywriting and marketing
  • Fake gurus selling get-rich-quick schemes… that almost NEVER work in real life
  • Lessons that barely scratch the surface… instead of going DEEP to the source

Can you relate to any of these?

If so… you’re not alone.

In fact – 99% of copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs out there have complained about AT LEAST one of these above (including me!)

And because of this, the whole industry gets a bad rep.

So I wanted to change that.

I wanted to create a true breakthrough program that fixes ALL these problems…

And IN ADDITION to helping you 3X your conversions in 3 months (or less):

Also empowers you to:

  • Gain unshakeable confidence in your copywriting and marketing skills
  • Become a well-respect expert who consistently pumps out winning copy
  • Feel safe & in control of your life, without feeling like an “impostor” or “fraud”
  • Enjoy more wealth, health, and happiness in your business and in your life

A pretty gargantuan task, I know…

But I was like:

“Challenge Accepted!”

So in March 2022, I ran a mini-launch campaign pitching the idea to my email list…

Along with members of Brian Kurtz’s Titans Xcelerator mastermind.

I knew – right from the start – that I needed HIGH-QUALITY people to validate my method with…

So they would actually show up on our live calls, ask smart questions, give meaningful feedback, and implement what I would teach.

After a week, I ended up with 34 amazing beta students…

And on the 7th of April, 2022, I officially kicked off my new prototype program.

Needless to say, I dedicated MOST of the next 12 weeks sifting through THOUSANDS of pages of my notes… 

Revisiting SCORES of past projects I did with various clients…

Looking up past wisdom from OG copywriters and marketers…

And CONDENSING all of this into a UNIQUE strategic blueprint for consistently creating high-converting marketing messages – in a no-nonsense way.

And after who knows how many work hours…

Late nights “burning the midnight oil”…

And feedback sessions…

After everything was said and done…

I managed to build something truly extraordinary that BLEW AWAY all the beta students!

(and keep in mind, most of these people are high-level entrepreneurs and copywriters!)

Yes, yes, I KNOW I’m biased here… 

Since this is essentially my “Magnum Opus” creation…


take a look at what Founding members Have said about the program:

Max Bernstein

Marketing Director

"The unique way Csaba structured the information… It just makes so much sense! From how he structures base level info, to the emotions, into really checking the box on everything you need to create persuasive sales messages (regardless if you’re starting from scratch or more advanced)."

Shawn Cartwright

Executive Director

“Csaba’s unique new program is much more than just copywriting… it goes DEEP into the Strategy and Psychology of results-driven marketing. I've seen a lot of books & courses on copywriting & marketing, but this takes a completely different approach. It ties the key concepts together into a system that's flexible, but powerful.”

Shannon McCaffrey

CEO, Soulful Marketing

“I've studied under people like Dan Kennedy, David Garfinkel, Bill Glazer, John Carlton, Todd Brown, you name it! But the way Csaba lays out this program – from start to finish – and his whole process of creating persuasive marketing messages is just BRILLIANT! He totally overdelivers!"

Sonam Z. Tenzin

Freelance Copywriter

"There are so many good copywriting courses out there, but since going through this program, I don't feel the urge to buy another copywriting course… because, at this point, it’s hard to imagine someone else is going to create something to top what Csaba has done.”

Ted Prodromou

Leading LinkedIn Expert

"I've taken so many copywriting courses over the years… I took the AWAI Course probably 15 years ago... worked with John Carlton, Ray Edwards, and all the best copywriters you can think of… and this is BY FAR the most comprehensive copywriting program I've ever taken. Csaba, you've done an amazing job! "

Carlos Felipe

Offer Owner

"Honestly, this has been the BEST program I’ve been through. I got a whole new vision about copywriting & marketing. Today we’re selling about $70,000 - $80,000 every single month, and I credit a lot of this to Csaba and all the knowledge I got from this course… really satisfied, you should get this too.”

And I have 25+ similar raving testimonials (so far) to back up my claims.

This new method REALLY works!

And the copywriters, marketers, and business owners who’ve been exposed to it – from beginners to more advanced experts – have ALL experienced some serious “AHA Moments”...

And often life-changing results after going through this system!

In fact…

People were using the powerful strategies in this program to:

  • Supercharge their sales with an existing offer they’re currently selling
  • Create winning marketing campaigns for NEW products
  • Craft high-converting copy for their clients… and generate a bunch of extra sales for THEM (Helloooo bigger paychecks and more referrals!)
  • Convert waaay more traffic as affiliate marketers (including CRUSHING their competition on leaderboards 😎)
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Finally understand – on an almost visceral level – how persuasion REALLY works in marketing… and how to reliably create profitable marketing campaigns for the rest of their life (an *amazing* money-skill to have!)

So at this point, the data was crystal clear:

The Most Effective Way To 3x Your Conversions REALLY IS With The “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting Framework”

And since scores of people have been asking me about my system and how they could get a slice of it…

I’ve recently decided to *officially* launch it to the public!

Which means you can now get your hands on it too, should you choose.

I call this unique system "Breakthrough Conversions Academy"...

And it holds the power to 3X your conversions, sales, and customers in 3 months (or less!)

Click the orange button below to discover exactly how...

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