Discover Battle-tested Copywriting Strategies 

And convert casual website visitors or email subscribers into profitable customers who buy everything you put out there and become your raving fans for life!

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Why Copywriting Is Critical To Success

If done right, copywriting will help you get more sales, close more deals - and perhaps most importantly - grow a successful business that people will love and proudly recommend to their friends. There are 3 key aspects to persuasive copywriting that actually converts:

Connects with People Emotionally

To get someone to act, you need to connect with their pains, fears, hopes, and dreams first.

Based on Persuasion Psychology

There's a science to how the human mind works and conversion copywriting taps into it.

Based on Voice of Customer Data

Good copy uses the same words, expressions, and thought patterns as your target audience.

About Me.

Hi, I’m Csaba, a former psychology researcher turned email copywriter. For years I struggled to create profitable email campaigns that actually make money, but was getting nowhere and I was at the end of my rope. 

Then I discovered a counter-intuitive method I call the “Elegant Persuasion Framework” that helped me reliably turn lukewarm subscribers into repeat customers, without being pushy or overly aggressive.

Today, I help 7-figure online companies go from "meh" to "HOLY SH*T we sold how much?!" with story-driven email campaigns and smart email marketing automation.

the basics

Start here if you're new

This first foundational part is not just about ANY type of creative, technical, or SEO copywriting... but conversion copywriting. Because the aim of copy is to get people to act.

But this isn't easy, and in order to do it, you need copy that's based on real actual data that empowers you to uncover the pains, fears, hopes and dreams of your audience so that you can come up with messaging that's most likely to resonate with them.


convert subscribers

Email copywriting & marketing

Did you know that email marketing still vastly outperforms every other marketing channel by up to 38X? In essence, that means that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect $38 in revenue on average.

Not only that but you also OWN your email list... unlike other channels that put you at the mercy of their search algorithm or terms of service. When there's real money involved, you need assets that you can control, like your email list. Here's how to make the most of it.

Email Copywriting CASE STUDY: The Anatomy of a Profitable Sales Email

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get them to act

Advanced Copywriting

This part is for you if you (or your team) want to take your copy skills to the next level. These proven strategies will help you enter the conversation that's happening in your ideal customer's mind, and shift their entire perspective from "just a casual reader" to "OMG, shut up and take my money now!".

Yes, it's kind of like Inception ;)

9 Advanced Sales Page Optimization Tips to Boost Your Sales

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