How Much to Charge as a BEGINNER Copywriter (for EACH project type)

What you’ll discover in this video:


How not to price yourself too low

Competing at lower price brackets is career suicide for you. You’ll end up with bottom-feeder clients who will never respect you, and you’ll be competing with people who are willing to write 1000-word articles for $5. Just say no and skip this tier altogether!


the key copy "types" you should Focus on

Sales pages are very valuable… but you better bring your A-game each time you write one of them. If you flop, you’ll no doubt lose that client and you might even get a bad review (which is a big problem on places such as Upwork). Discover what to focus on instead...


Wanna charge on "hourly rate"? Don't!

There are a lot of people who’ll tell you to charge based on an hourly rate - or worse: per-word pricing (which is the best way to shoot yourself in the foot!). But don’t do it. I cover why these two pricing strategies are a bad idea (especially for beginners) in much more detail inside the video.


Recommended starting prices

For popular copywriting projects like Product descriptions, Web copy, Short Emails, Longer emails, About Pages, Blog posts, 1000+ word articles, and so on. PLUS, I'll also explain exactly when to raise your prices by 25-30% - so you make more $$$ in less time.