Gary Bencivenga | Direct Response Advertising Agency Ad: A Breakdown 

By  Csaba Borzasi

Here's a picture of some of my copywriting heroes:

See the guy whose name has a red underline?

That's Gary Bencivenga - considered to be the most successful copywriter alive.

Now, if you've been following along my "proven sales letter breakdown" challenge...

You know that I've already broken down several of his ads before.


Because he's just so damn good.

And if you want to be a better copywriter, the best person you should learn from is Gary himself.

So in the spirit of learning from Mr. Bencivenga, I'm going to break down yet ANOTHER one of his proven ads...

In which he's advertising his own copywriting services 🙂

Pretty meta, I know.

In any case, there are tons of amazing copywriting lessons inside that you can start using ASAP to get better clients yourself.

Prefer video instead? Watch Below!

How Gary Bencivenga Uses A Direct Offer From The Headline

“Announcing a direct response advertising agency that will guarantee to outpull your best ad.”

“If you are a direct response advertiser, here is a no-risk offer from us…

We’ll guarantee to outpull your best ad by 10% in a split-run test”

This is a direct offer, as the headline features a guarantee to beat the reader’s best-performing ad.

As discussed in previous breakdowns, direct offers are suited to highly aware audiences. This is why reputable brands and companies with established markets tend to use them often.

In this case, the audience is already warmed up - and they believe Gary Bencivenga has the solution for their most pressing needs.

This is why an irresistible offer is all it takes to make this a successful promotion.

The lead introduces a no-risk offer where the client only pays if the ad outperforms their best promotion by 10%.

This way, the offer is structured in a way that says “you either get 10% more responses or your money back - so what do you have to lose?”.

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Gary Bencivenga’s Way To Handle Doubts

Who won’t be interested in such an offer?

At this point, though, it is easy to you wonder if there are any catches.

And this is when Gary Bencivenga lays down the qualification criteria for the ideal clients.

First, his agency should have complete control over the creative process.

The client must not rewrite or alter the copy. If they change it, then the results can’t be assured.

Next, the potential client must need better advertising.

There should be gaps that can be filled. If their current promotions are doing great, they can’t qualify for clients.

At the same time, they humbly claim that “we don’t presume to be the only direct response agency that can turn out superlative work.”

Notice the approach of transparency and authenticity helps build trust with the clients.

It also shows that they take responsibility for the work and don’t make false promises.

Then, Gary introduces the marketing agency CPR&B, and immediately builds trust by claiming that CPR&B emerged as one of America's top ten marketing agencies in only four years.

The Power Of A Results Guarantee

Next, Gary Bencivenga shares that his agency does guarantee results - and how it guarantees them.

It all starts with the product - if you have a great product, the agency has the top copywriters who can do their magic and get outstanding results. 

Gary dives deeper into the creative process that the team follows. They research the product for weeks, visit the factory, interview the staff and customers, and even try the product themselves.

Then they compare it with the competition until they find a unique selling proposition (USP).

Based on that, they build an entire campaign around it and justify logically, dramatically, and factually why it's the best product to suit the customer needs. 

The team pulls all-nighters to beat controls and thrives on the success of the promotions.

After all, these copywriters are salespeople - and thus they are rewarded with commissions whenever the ad outperforms controls.

In fact, Gary Bencivenga shares the research process in detail, in order to show how they analyze all aspects of the business to come up with creative hooks and angles for the target market.

The copywriters themselves are meticulously selected and trained over the years. The agency aims to be the number one copy team in direct response - so, some members are famous copywriters already, while others undergo rigorous selection.

How Gary Bencivenga Utilizes Case Studies

Finally, Gary shares the success stories of clients, which serves as unquestionable proof in the ad.

A client went from bankruptcy to 6 figures within two years working with Gary Bencivenga’s advertising services. The subscriptions increased by 490% and the renewal ratio increased by 260%

That sounds awesome!

This promotion is a great example of how to sell your copywriting services - or any services for that matter - just like Gary Bencivenga.

It makes you visualize the process and techniques and backs up the promises with undeniable proof.

And it certainly displays the copywriting genius that is Gary Bencivenga.


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Csaba Borzasi

Csaba Borzási is the founder of Game of Conversions. After spending 10 years learning the ins and outs of persuasion psychology, Csaba now focuses on what he loves most: helping ambitious entrepreneurs grow their online business and get more profitable customers. When he isn't geeking out on discovering how the human mind works, you can probably find him climbing a mountain, dancing salsa, or traveling around the globe.

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