Gary Bencivenga | Olive Oil Club Sales Letter – A Breakdown 

By  Csaba Borzasi

How can you differentiate perishable items like olive oil, grapefruit, or something as simple as potatoes?

Sounds tough, right?

Today’s post holds tons of value if you are looking to write sales copy for items where a unique selling proposition isn’t readily available.

Enter Gary Bencivenga's famous "Fresh-pressed Olive Oil Club" letter - which, even after more than a decade - is still running profitably in its modern incarnation!

The whole thing's as smooth as butter...

And in today's post, you'll discover exactly why.

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Gary Bencivenga’s Promise & Proof Formula

This famous sales letter provides valuable insights that you can use to come up with creative ideas for your offering.

Gary uses his promise and proof formula in this sales letter as well.

The direct lead exudes an aura of exclusivity by promising:

‘Rare fresh pressed olive oil available all year long to a few Americans’

T.J Robinson, the top authority on olive oil matters in the world, invites Americans to experience the miracle that they have been deprived of for years.

The olive oil in stores has lost its flavor and health benefits due to prolong shipping time and shelf life.

Gary backs up the statement with proof that most of the brands in the stores never mention the harvest date, so you settle for ‘mediocre oil’.

Not anymore!

‘These oils are insanely bright and flavorful- the best in the world’

Did you know that locals in Mediterranean countries throw harvest parties to celebrate the arrival of olive oil?

After all, it is revered for its exceptional taste and health benefits.

The question is, would YOU like to experience those?

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T.J. Robinson’s Discovery Journey

‘If you prefer fresh milk and eggs, why not fresh olive oil?’

In the next section, Gary raises a “philosophical” question - a technique that works like magic when executed correctly!

He goes on to reveal that lower shipping costs benefit sellers, making it a common industry practice - which, in turn, affects the quality of olive oil.

Robinson is determined to find a solution himself.

He heard about the best olive oil from Sicily, which wasn’t currently available in America.

Then, he contacted the exporter to negotiate the terms and ship by air.

Since no one was exporting by plane, the seller encouraged Robinson to be an importer.

And if T.J. Robinson were to handle all the importing details, the producer would send him his best quality oil. WOW!

“You and your friends in America can taste the same fresh oils we celebrate at harvest time in Sicily”

Can you guess what happened next?

His friends got excited, and the olive oil became a sensation among foodies and chefs.

It enhanced the taste of salads, grilled meat, and fish.

People literally begged him to get more supplies as they couldn’t wait for the harvest season in Sicily.

And that’s how the exclusive fresh olive oil club was launched, benefiting from different climate zones to provide fresh olive oil around the year.

How Gary Bencivenga Built Massive Authority In This Sales Letter

First, Gary explains the mechanics of the olive oil club. For example, how T.J. Robinson travels four times a year to collect the finest olive oil out there…

And again reiterating how the difference in time zones, climate, and soil meant variations of olive oil were available.

Then Gary resorts to future pacing and creates an intense desire by promising more benefits.

Each time you order, you get a comprehensive report on the harvest date, producer, and details of the oil type.

Recipes will also be provided so you can enjoy them with family and friends.

Imagine if every meal was special because of the olive oil used - who doesn’t want that?

Then, there are reviews where people suggest how the scent takes them to Italy, Chile, or Spain.

See, how Gary made it so smooth and effortless?


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Csaba Borzasi

Csaba Borzási is the founder of Game of Conversions. After spending 10 years learning the ins and outs of persuasion psychology, Csaba now focuses on what he loves most: helping ambitious entrepreneurs grow their online business and get more profitable customers. When he isn't geeking out on discovering how the human mind works, you can probably find him climbing a mountain, dancing salsa, or traveling around the globe.

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