Gary Halbert’s Famous “Dollar Bill” Sales Letter – A Copywriting Masterclass 

By  Csaba Borzasi

In today's proven sales letter breakdown post, I'm analyzing Gary Halbert's famous "Dollar Bill" ad...

In which he used a nice, crisp dollar bill attached to the top of his letter to immediately catch the reader's attention...

And make them start salivating from their "Greed Glands" right away.

Damn, this sales letter is so good!

In just 8 pages, Gary managed to pull off pretty much every single copywriting trick in the book...

And today, I'm revealing exactly how YOU can also use his genius to supercharge your marketing FAST...

And make maximum money in minimum time.

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How Gary Halbert Used A Dollar Bill As A Pattern Interrupt

There is no headline in the ad!

To ensure that the letter gets maximum attention, Gary Halbert attaches 1 dollar to the top of the ad 😲

The reader immediately notices it and reads further on. Wouldn’t you?

Gary then starts building credibility by answering objections and subsequently explaining the “why” behind the dollar bill.

He uses a friendly tone and explains that he wanted to catch the attention and address people on how to maximize their earning potential, which fits in with the dollar.

Then he explains that his ad in the Wall Street Journal received an overwhelming response.


Can you see why the headline was so popular? After all, everyone wants to know the secrets to riches.

Once a credible source shares them, it's almost an irresistible desire. Who can miss such hot, new information?

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How To Trigger Greed Glands From Several Angles

“How to sell a product at no cost”
“Roll out your project-without borrowing”

Gary Halbert effectively keeps the audience hooked right from the start.

Crazy promises like how to get celebrity endorsement at minimum charges, or mail up to 100,000 sales letters per week without even paying for the postage stamp, keep the reader well engaged to explore the offering.

By appealing to the reader’s dreams from several angles and showing it is possible, Gary builds credibility and intrigue. 

He promises lucrative and immediate returns.

Then, he shares his discovery story - how he went from broke to riches with his formula.

The vulnerability builds trust and makes him - and what he is saying - relatable and believable.

Of course, he uses a promise and proof formula throughout the ad.

In short, he uses the right words to appeal to the reader, AND makes it look effortless - a genius indeed!

How Gary Halbert Utilizes Future Pacing

Gary then takes the reader to his ideal state -one they will attain only after purchasing the product.

He builds an argument about how his secret selling method can generate up to 20,000 checks per day, so many that you will need 30 full-time workers to assist you!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to sell the ‘perfect product’.
Instead, purchase from the manufacturer for pennies and prepare them for sale at your home!

Isn’t that awesome? The upcoming sections tease the offering even more.

“Use these tricks to contact celebrities to endorse your products at minimum prices.”

Isn’t that an irresistible offer? Wait until you hear more!

As marketers, we have to appeal to the dreams of our ideal clients. Gary successfully accomplishes this in the promotion.

He keeps the audience engaged enough to read until the end.

The fascinations are easily scannable and summed up in a few lines with distinct headlines.

Hence, people get to read most of them and be convinced by the end.

How Gary Halbert Applies Fascinations In His Copy

Now, let’s review the fascinations part.

Gary uses specificity like ‘700% more profitable’, followed by him teasing a unique mechanism that ONLY he knows about.

This is true for all the fascinations, as there is promise and proof formula throughout the ad.

Hence, paying the cost is a no-brainer at this point.

People always want quick and easy hacks and Gary promises just that - e.g. "how adding a simple phrase to the postcard makes people flood into your business.

He also handles objections well by adding phrases like “even if you are a lousy writer”.

If ANYONE can do it, then MOST people will be interested to try it for themselves.

Overall, there are very interesting sections that build an instant craving for his offer.

And in the video, I'm revealing exactly how YOU can also use his genius to supercharge your conversions.


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Csaba Borzasi

Csaba Borzási is the founder of Game of Conversions. After spending 10 years learning the ins and outs of persuasion psychology, Csaba now focuses on what he loves most: helping ambitious entrepreneurs grow their online business and get more profitable customers. When he isn't geeking out on discovering how the human mind works, you can probably find him climbing a mountain, dancing salsa, or traveling around the globe.

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