John Carlton | “55 Year-Old Golfer Ad” – Part 2 Of The Breakdown 

By  Csaba Borzasi

After covering the lead in part 1 of the ad breakdown, let’s now look at the elements of the rest of the copy.

John Carlton establishes Darrel, the 55-year old golfer, as the “hero of all older golfers everywhere”.

Well, how is that the case? Darrel consistently beat the best golfers on the planet in the last 30 years.

How does a 55-year-old golfer suffering from arthritis, who’s overweight, and nearsighted (!), turn out to be a golf pro?

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How John Carlton Adds A Storytelling Element In The Ad

At this point, the reader is wondering: “How can that be true?”

At exactly the right time, John Carlton shares the journey of Darrel. This helps build credibility AND adds storytelling to the ad - which is always a good idea.

Growing up, Darrel was passionate about golf, hitting 1000 shots every day. Over time, he discovered a simple technique to achieve perfect shots every time.

Soon Darrel was hitting 350-yard drives, even when he played with uneven and fragile balls!

Isn’t that amazing? 

So, Darrel became a professional golfer.

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Introducing A Unique New Opportunity

Darrel kept his technique a secret for years. But now, he is teaching the technique to everyone!

Although he’s too lazy to advertise his services, word of mouth got him booked for 5 years in advance.

Well, that really adds scarcity to the deal. After all, people from around the globe are interested in learning the 3-swing to play golf like a pro.

John Carlton builds great desire for the training and then reveals the offer.

“If you don’t master it in 3 swings, they pay you $10. Moreover, you can learn the secret for free.”

That is pretty impressive! An irresistible offer indeed.

As marketers and copywriters, we have to show people there’s a unique new opportunity that’s the key to their desires.

John Carlton shows just that, and builds desire for the solution by sharing its popularity and hype among people.

How John Carlton Handles Objections Effectively

The company’s called OHP and they have a 10-year proven record for “outrageous guarantees and free offers”.

People immediately think that the offer is too good to be true so, what’s the catch?

To respond to that, John Carlton shares an overview of the company and its previous experience to build credibility.

To answer potential objections, he shares the following bullets/fascinations:

“You don’t need to be athletic like Tiger Woods. In fact, the more out of shape you are, the more distance you will immediately add to your drives.

You don’t need any special equipment or previous experience.

And, you can learn it for free”

That’s awesome! How can you not try this?

Who wouldn’t want such an offer? 

So, that is another copywriting lesson. Make it easier for the prospects to say “Yes!”

How John Carlton Future Paces The Offer

“You have got kids, small women, and guys in their 70s all playing professional-level golf after just 1 lesson with Darrel!”

In the video lesson, Darrel shares:

  • How to add power to your swing with a simple, 3-swing drill

  • The correct posture for accuracy

  • The follow-through secret for making long, straight drives

John Carlton builds a concrete debate around the coaching methodology of Darrel.

He says that only a FEW golfers realize that they can take their game to the next level simply overnight with simple techniques.

However, tour professionals are always trying to reinvent the game so, they make it more complicated.

On the other hand, Darrel has a history of performing well under pressure. He has NEVER failed!

John Carlton brilliantly establishes the dominance of Darrel over other golf professionals and shows how he is way better than others.

And that is what you would call ‘amazing’ copy.

Check the detailed analysis in the video and share any insights in the comment section.


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Csaba Borzasi

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