Without being sleazy, pushy, or losing your sanity in the process


You can barely write your own grocery list


You confidently turn your readers into an automatic revenue engine


Wasting tons of time on random tactics or selling your pants to pay for it



Maybe you’re just starting out and you’re desperate for those first dozen critical customers who will validate your proof of concept (giving you the confidence to scale things up like a boss)...


Perhaps you’ve been playing the game for some time already but you’re disappointed by ‘meh’ ROI numbers on your Facebook ad campaigns that barely pay the rent - and you’re craving for a way to get more profitable customers, by actually spending LESS...


Maybe you’re an ambitious startup with a kickass product that people want, and now you’re looking to catapult your business to the next level, turning it into a money-churning machine…

No matter where you are in your business or what you’re selling - leveraging the FULL power of email marketing is as close to printing your own money as it gets (FED beware!)

You just cannot afford to ignore it.

By doing so, you’re leaving so much money on the table that it’s not even funny - money that should be YOURS for the taking.

So how come you don’t hear about the untapped power of emails everywhere?

Simple: because it’s closely kept as a secret by most so-called ‘online marketers’...

You see, there are tons of ‘snake oil salesmen’ who - instead of giving you the real deal - are extremely busy trying to get you invested in using random tactics, based on the latest fads and wonder solutions.


Because misdirecting people is good for their business. And they’re getting filthy rich while doing it!




‘Just start running ads and you’ll quickly discover what works’

Translation: Just keep throwing sh*t against the wall of your living room... and see what sticks.

Sure, it might work, but you’re still going to have to clean up the mess after you’ve done playing.

Listen, using Facebook ads is certainly a very powerful tactic, however, it’s deceptively risky AND costly. You need proper idea validation, customer research, and pre-testing before even attempting to use Facebook ads successfully.

In reality, it’s much more complicated than it seems - especially if you want to make a real profit. Plus, unlike your email list, you don’t own ANYTHING on Facebook… in fact, you’re exposed to the mercy of its Terms & Conditions.

In fact, they can shut you down overnight, if they wanted... Risky business, if you ask me...


I get it - It’s undeniable that Instagram is HOT right now. 

Everyone’s looking to replicate the crazy success of just a few Instagram stars - and plenty of ‘experts’ are riding this wave of popularity to push their own ‘How 2 get $$$ on Instagram’ schemes...

But whenever you see someone in a Lambo doing Tai Lopez-style videos, run like the wind. Their entire business model is to get you hooked so that you buy their $997 info product (and then their mastermind!)

Listen, Instagram certainly works pretty well for some brands… but it’s just a tactic - one of many. You shouldn’t rely on it as a backbone for your business.

Plus, the quality of leads that you get from it is FAR below what you get from email subscribers.


‘Pfff, email marketing is soo 2010… use Chatbots instead, they convert like CRAZY’

You know what also converts like crazy? Offering children candy! Yet, I’m curious about their lifetime customer value…

Believe it or not, it’s the same thing with Chatbots: on the surface, it seems like they’re high-converting sales machines that automatically do all the work for you, and generate tons of money.

In reality, however, Chatbots don’t mean squat when you don’t have a solid foundation and a product that’s already highly successful. If you do, it’s certainly a viable tactic...

However, for most people, it’s just a more ‘dumbed down’ version of email marketing, that seems really cool until you realize that - on its own - it’s very limited.


Affiliate marketing - the best way to solve your low traffic problems since at least 1979.

Let me tell you something: this is the area where I see the most scammy online courses in the entire online course industry (almost as much as the weight loss industry - and that’s really something!)


Because people still believe that affiliate marketing is the wonder solution to end all business problems. Just find an affiliate, pay them a commission, and they’ll sell your product for you, right?

Well, guess how the most successful affiliate marketers sell products? They have an email list that they can regularly monetize. And they’ll gladly do it for you as well, for 50-70% of your sales!

Why not skip the middleman, and at least 2X your revenue by building your own email list, and sending them your own profitable emails? (or if YOU are the affiliate, why not learn to send better emails that make you more commissions?)

It’s a no-brainer.


And finally, we have live videos & webinars - the undeniable stars of every sales funnel nowadays.

Well, I gotta give it to live webinars: they really DO work, especially for higher ticket items.

Problem is… webinar experts only tell you about the webinar itself! They usually leave out the fact that there’s a WHOLE range of automated emails that accompany a webinar:

Confirmation emails, reminder emails, replay emails, sales emails re-stating the offer, urgency emails, and so on.

Without these assets, the real number of people who actually show up to the webinar plummets, and if they don’t buy on the spot, they’ll forget all about it in 10 minutes, and go watch a cute cat video on Facebook instead.

Webinars DO work, but they STILL need email marketing to work properly.

‘Alright, alright. I get it… Email marketing is powerful. But WHY should I prioritize it over all of the tactics mentioned above?'

That’s an excellent question, dear reader! Here’s why...



Email marketing vastly outperforms everything else in ROIby up to 40 times! 

Email marketing scales like no other. You can reach everyone with the same effort, and create all kinds of awesome automation.

Email is dirt cheap (if you do it right) - unlike many other crazy-expensive marketing tactics.

Email builds real emotional relationships with your readers and creates customers for life.

YOU OWN IT! - You aren’t exposed to the mercy of Google’s search algorithm or Fb’s terms of service. 

By the way, go ask people whose business relies heavily on Facebook what happens when Facebook’s terms suddenly change… (recent example: drastically lowering organic reach on your business profile)

Listen, when there’s real money involved, you need assets that you can control.

Like emails.

No matter what you sell

The beauty of email marketing is that it’s perfect for ANY industry, in ANY country, selling ANYTHING.

  • Are you in e-commerce? You definitely need abandoned cart emails, win-back emails, promotional emails. 
  • Cool SaaS product? Confirmation emails, demonstration emails, upsell emails are a must!
  • Hustling as a consultant? Having cold email sequences, pitch emails, and sales emails will definitely earn you 2-3X the leads you’re currently getting… easily!
  • Selling online courses? You’re most likely sending content emails, sales emails, urgency emails.
  • Or maybe you’re a copywriter? Well, you probably need to know how to write ALL of the above - only now you’re making fat stacks of cash by writing these for your clients!

It doesn’t matter if you write emails for your own business or for a client - it’s undeniably one of the most profitable skills that you can ever possess!

But here’s the thing... Most people believe they could never write high-converting emails…

They think it’s this... closely guarded, esoteric, secret society thing… that they could never do…

Well, believe me when I say that I know all about the gut-wrenching, sanity-sucking nightmare thoughts when it comes to the fear of writing emails...



..."How do I write high-converting emails? I’m no writer…"

..."I know I *should* send more emails but I’m terrified I’ll seem scammy and people will despise me" 

..."I don’t even know where to start… what if I send the wrong message and people unsubscribe or even report me as spam?!"

..."I’ve tried something like this before and it didn’t work… I’m afraid to fail again - what will others say?" 

..."I don’t want to keep paying tons of money to overpriced copywriters but I still need those emails written, goddamit!!!" 

...These are all things people I’ve talked with have actually said - and I bet there are countless others who share at least a few of these concerns.

And you know what?

They’re warranted - because email marketing CAN become a mess - if done badly.

There are so many ways to get lost… so many ways to spend countless hours (or thousands of dollars) on things that only work in special cases…

Or don’t work at all!

So I totally understand that you’re afraid of it.

But here’s the thing: it’s not your fault.

And you know what? Email marketing doesn't have to be hard!

Problem is, there’s simply too much misinformation out there…

Too much noise!

A seemingly endless supply of confusing opinions, vague methods, and wishy-washy ideas on how best to use the real power of emails successfully…

And in this sea of confusion, you definitely need a guiding light that mercilessly cuts through all the clutter, all the BS, and focuses on the things that actually matter.

But heed my warning, dear reader!

Be VERY CAREFUL who you take advice from…

Because not knowing who to trust can result in catastrophic situations for you AND your business!

Unfortunately, there are FAR too many so-called experts out there who routinely give out terrible advice that does more harm than good...

Wasting you years, and tens of thousands of dollars in missed profits and sunken costs (not to mention all the headache and confusion)...

So whatever you do, when you see the following 5 types of ‘email experts’, run like the wind immediately!



The Bullhead Pyromancer

Aerys Targaryen, a.k.a ‘The Mad King’ is potatoes compared to this guy… Seriously, these ‘experts’ advise you to keep EVERYONE on your email list, no matter how long they’ve been ignoring you because ‘maybe one day they’ll buy, right?’...

...while you’re burning away your credibility score with email service providers, and being flagged as spam. This, in turn, absolutely destroys your email reputation and you’ll have to work hard for months to fix the damage

The Fancy Fish

The fashion-conscious guru who convinces you to pay $3000 for a designer to create professional email templates for you, only to see your open rates plummet under 10%... (ouch!) 

In reality, fancy HTML emails don’t really convert well. They get flagged and put into the ‘Promotions’ folder and most people will never see those juicy designs… helluva way to throw $3k out the window! And you know what’s ironic? Plain old text-only emails work MUCH better anyway…

That Big Number Guy 

You see them ALL the time everywhere: they always talk about how they’ve made $569.203 in just 5 days by doing ‘one simple trick’. Sure...

And even IF that’s true, they’re VERY careful not to give you any real value upfront - so that they can be busy constantly upselling you to their get-rich-quick-schemes. Give me a break!

The Morty 

Oh jeez, oh man, what if I send the wrong email? Better be extremely safe’... These people advise you to only send 1 email per week - at the most! And even then, they encourage you to be extremely methodical and take things slow.  Paaainfully slow.  Well, guess what, son… ain’t nobody got time ‘fo dat!

Proper email marketing should be efficient that actually frees up your time - instead of turning you into an anxious slave... Plus, how should you do meaningful testing & optimizing if you aren’t sending enough emails?

The Milking Machine 

...and no, it’s not what you think :) Instead, these people have a clear mantra that guides their lives 24/7: ‘Milk your list for $$$’. They advise you to treat your list like an udder - useful only for extracting resources. 

Well, guess what, bombarding your readers with promotional emails non-stop will quickly burn them out, and make them despise you.
Never do this, please. Instead, build actual relationships.

And for God’s sake, get advice from someone who’s legit - not these ‘experts’. 

And that’s where I come in… 

The kryptonite of sleazy salesmen, the slayer of email marketing BS, and the guy who exposes the truth about what really works in his industry (without selling your soul to the devil)



What Others are Saying...

Kevin Rogers 

Founder of CopyChief.com 

"Damn, Csaba’s not playing games!... he’s becoming a true authority on copywriting by breaking down sales letters with great care, love, detail... while still bringing the enthusiasm of a student!"

Kim Krause Schwalm

Top A-list direct response copywriter

"Fantastic breakdown, Csaba! And I say that as the copywriter who originally wrote this promo (quite a while ago!) You really know your stuff and I love how you explained things in a way I'm not even sure were going through my mind when I originally wrote it, but are right on the point. Keep up the breakdowns, they're super valuable!"

Carline Anglade-Cole 

Top A-list direct response copywriter

"Hi Csaba! LOVED your breakdown! You really DUG DEEP to bring out the value for your viewers! I WROTE this promo - and I STILL learned A LOT from your breakdown, LOL! Thanks for teaching me a few lessons"

Chris Haddad

Master of "punch-in-the-gut" storytelling

"Fascinating watching somebody pull my stuff apart. You did a pretty good job!"

Brian Kurtz

40+ year veteran of direct response marketing

"I love your passion! Your YouTube sales letter breakdowns are outstanding!"

David L. Deutsch

Top A-list direct response copywriter

“You’re doing the right thing. I like what you’re doing

In case we don't know each other yet...

Hi, I’m Csaba.

I help 6 and 7-figure online businesses sell more digital products through story-driven email marketing and conversion copywriting.

However, this wasn’t always the case...

For years, I’ve fantasized about quitting my soul-sucking 9-5 job at IBM and doing something I really enjoyed...

But the problem was that I had absolutely no idea how to get there.

Still - as an eternal optimist - I was hopeful that there must be a way to make this happen.

So I started spending a decent chunk of those eight grueling hours each day listening to podcasts on starting a business…

...and then when I got home, I spent several more hours binge-reading books on sales, marketing, and psychology.

That’s when I discovered that it was legitimately possible to sit at home in my underwear and still make money working from my laptop. (thanks for that, Tim Ferriss!)

felt my prayers had been answered!

Finally, there was a glimmer of hope in my quest of not being a corporate drone forever.

So after a few months, fueled by determination and armed with an MBA and a BA in Psychology under my belt from my studies…

I took the plunge and quit my job to become a business development manager for an impressive-looking wealth management company.

Now, this wasn’t complete freedom just yet…

But it was a good start.

And a great opportunity to see how good I really was at sales. 

How hard could it be, right?

I mean…

I had received extensive training in how people are supposed to work, so I thought doing sales would be a breeze.

Soon enough, I collided with the cold hard truth...

That studying a bunch of high-level theories regarding how people are supposed to work…

And knowing how they really make purchasing decisions in real life are two completely different things!

Plus, I really, really, REALLY hated the scammy high-ticket financial products that this company was pushing, along with its predatory work ethic.

So after about 6 months, I was back to the drawing board yet again.

However, I learned something crucial...

I discovered that I enjoyed selling, but wanted to do it on a bigger scale.

So that’s how I stumbled across a funny-sounding thing called “direct response copywriting”.

And it was love at first sight ❤️ 

This was the perfect combination of marketing, psychology, sales, and business.

Everything I was geeking out about lately!

All I had to do was write a bunch of “persuasive words” in an email or on a website…

...and people would shower me (and my clients) with money.

It was my dream ticket to "freedom" and "internet riches"!

Except, it wasn’t…

This whole freelancing thing wasn’t quite as easy as some people made it out to be.

Months went by, and I was taking on any bottom-of-the-barrel gig I could find just to pay the bills.

In fact, my first client as a professional copywriter had a sex shop and wanted me to write product descriptions for penis extenders, cock rings, and dildos.

Go figure... ?‍♂️ 

And although selling these types of products was super funny and all…

...It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I decided to start copywriting full-time for a living.

PLUS, I really hated that my clients only wanted me to write the typical “BUY MY SHIT”-type marketing campaigns and nothing else.

Which not only annoyed me but their readers as well.

And as I became more and more invested in learning the ins and outs of copywriting - and especially email copywriting - I knew there was a better way of doing things.

My blood was pumping with desire to figure it out.

And I even remember thinking to myself:

"Come hell or high water, I’m gonna make this email copywriting thing work!”

So I decided to sit down for good and uncover everything I could possibly find on email marketing...

...and test the sh*t out of it! 

I tested EVERYTHING: Subject lines… copy… length… what to say… how to say it… and virtually every permutation you can imagine.

I knew that if I could improve my emails by just 10%, I could create HUGE value for my clients, making them hundreds of thousands more - and helping them (and myself) live the life we’ve always wanted.

So after spending over $20.000 of my own personal money to learn the ins and outs of email copywriting and after hundreds of projects and dozens of clients...

I discovered something that hit me like a truck.

There was one thing in common with all the companies that were killing it with email marketing...

Their emails weren’t all about selling at any cost with “FOMO”, “persuasion hacks”, “ninja tactics”, or “psychological triggers”...

Instead, they were story-driven.

They oozed personality. They entertained. They educated.

And they left subscribers feeling hungry for more.

These emails gave genuine value to their readers first, without sounding like a late-night infomercial.

When I explained this to one of my clients at the time, he was skeptical.

He was afraid that by using stories, being vulnerable, and dialing down on sales intensity… we would alienate subscribers and leave a lot of money on the table. 

Still, I managed to convince him to give it a try to see what happens.

The next day, he sent me an email with the subject line:

"Is this for real?!”

Assuming I was fired, hands shaking, I opened the email. 

What I saw then completely shocked me...

That single, story-driven email not only made $9,568 in sales in ONE DAY…

But also gave the momentum to help fund the Kickstarter campaign we were working on to $102,000...

...250% more than the original $40,000 target!?

I was blown away by how effective this new type of email was!

Better yet, when I replicated the same framework on other projects, I kept getting impressive results - no matter the niche or industry...

I was generating $7,311 paydays for my clients...

small list extra revenue

Started defying industry open and click-through rates...

Added hefty amounts to serious lists...

And I even started helping impressive companies like Shopify and others with their email campaigns...

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So here’s the moral of the story:

"The old way of email marketing (and marketing in general) is dying.

People have learned to tune out when they read subject lines like…

“Cart closes in 2 hours” or “25% OFF everything” or “Last chance...”

It’s become a snooze-fest.

Nobody cares anymore.

So to make email marketing work for you in 2020, you need to take a chance and stop doing what everyone else is doing.

You need to STOP treating your subscriber list like an udder, useful only for “milking” purposes...

And you need to START developing a genuine relationship with them through story-based emails.

And want to know the really crazy part?

After years and years of painstaking (& expensive!) learning, testing, and refining...

I realized that writing & sending high-converting emails is really just a simple, repeatable process that you have to learn…

It isn’t ‘magic’, it isn’t ‘overly aggressive selling’, and it certainly isn’t ‘mysterious’.

Instead, there’s a simple, logical, step-by-step process to it - that virtually anyone can easily use with surprising results.

Had I known this years ago, I would have saved myself TONS of frustration and tens of thousands in the process.

Back then, I didn’t have access to this type of refined knowledge…

But today, you do.

So I want to offer you a shortcut!

A shortcut that can help you hack your way through the email marketing landscape...

And quickly master all the skills that are essential for your success (without all the additional fluff).

And do it WITHOUT turning yourself into a poopy sellout who’s just out to ‘milk the list for a quick buck’...

Instead, I want to help you do it rather elegantly.

Look, my client took a chance - and as a result - his product became wildly-successful.

I took a chance when I quit my job - and it paid off in spades.

What are you going to do now that you know about the endless possibilities of story-based emails?

Are you ready to take a chance and transform your boring copycat email campaigns into revenue generating powerhouses?

If you are, you might want to check out Rainmaker Email Mastery, my premier email copywriting course.

I’ve done the work for you (so you don't have to start from scratch)...

And now I want to help you realize YOUR dream of creating a passive income-generating system...

By giving you all the tools & support you need to not have to do it alone…



The easiest ‘no-nonsense’ system to confidently & consistently Sell More with Emails - Using my Elegant Persuasion Framework

Rainmaker Email Mastery Course

What is it, exactly?

Rainmaker Email Mastery is an easily digestible video course that goes deep into writing emails that sell, without all the fluff and filler content.

It’s surgically designed to give everything you’ll ever need to plan, write, and refine a high-converting email in a single afternoon!

That’s right: 100% lean strategies and 0 % BS.

I took everything I’ve ever learned about email marketing and simplified it down to its core essence - cutting all the fat, adding tons of practical resources, and streamlining everything - so that you’re left with a complete framework that’s guaranteed to give a major boost to your business.

   MODULE 1  
The Essential Fundamentals of High-Converting Emails

Rainmaker Email Mastery: Module 1 - The Essential Fundamentals of High-Converting Emails

At the end of this module, you’ll have razor-sharp clarity about what email marketing really is, and the fundamentals of this lucrative craft.

You’ll also be able to pinpoint your exact ideal customer avatar among a sea of unqualified people - AND uncover their deepest pains, fears, hopes, & dreams.


The Untapped Power of Email Marketing and Your Email List

  • Arm yourself with a down-to-earth explanation on why email marketing is still the uncontested KING of marketing channels, and how to easily make it work for you without breaking a sweat
  • Watch as I unravel 6 compelling reasons as to why now’s is actually the BEST time to go all in with email marketing, even if you think it’s ‘too late for that’ (hint: it’s not!)
  • Discover the surprising but game-changing difference between emails that convert for real… VS. emails that fail miserably (skip this step and you’ll be in for a nasty surprise…)
  • Take the guesswork out of planning your campaign by uncovering the 3 foundational best practices of EVERY successful email - so that you know exactly if you’re on the right track or not


The Psychology of Selling with Email

  • Discover the counter-intuitive reason behind why you don’t always have to sell hard - taking off the pressure of ‘selling’ AND making your campaigns 10 times more effective with less effort
  • Ethically persuade anyone to take action right now, by mastering 6 crazy-effective psychological sales triggers - PERFECT for emails - and backed by the latest scientific research
  • Use these triggers to make people jump at your offer, buy in larger volume, and then come back to buy AGAIN with greater frequency and unshakable loyalty to your brand
  • Take whatever you’re offering from ‘nice’... to... ‘OMG I want that right now!’, by using a secret psychological ‘loophole’ in your reader’s mind that will skyrocket your appeal almost instantly
  • Boost your customer loyalty and quickly gather raving fans for life by implementing the ‘Strategy of Preeminence’ into your business, elevating you FAR above your competition


How to Uncover the True Wants & Needs of Your Ideal Customer 

  • Save yourself thousands of dollars and tons of frustration by discovering the real reason why you shouldn’t just jump immediately into writing emails (and what you should do instead!)
  • Banish EVERY last drop of uncertainty behind your campaigns by taking a crash course in the often-overlooked but extremely powerful tool of successful marketing: Customer research
  • Create your own ideal customer avatar in just 5 minutes, using my ‘Dead simple avatar creation formula’ so you know exactly who should write to (and who to ignore like the plague)
  • Gain the skill to easily uncover your ideal customer’s core buying behaviors - and write a sales message that triggers their deepest hopes & desires with hard-hitting copy that SELLS
  • Use my ‘Triangle of Buying Behavior’ framework to further refine these core buying behaviors - giving you unrestricted access to your ideal customer’s deepest emotional drives
  • Discover a weird but surprisingly effective mental concept called ‘The Rule of One’ that - when applied - will turn each sales message you write into a moving experience for your reader

   MODULE 2   
Email Inception

Rainmaker Email Mastery Module 2: Email Inception

At the end of this module, you’ll have your own rainmaker email written from start to finish - ready to be copy-pasted into your email software, including copywriting that persuades, without being shady! 

You’ll also gain access to game-changing tools that take the uncertainty out of crafting consistently profitable emails - and make your life much, much easier.


The Anatomy of a High-Converting Email

  • Gain rock-solid confidence and say goodbye to uncertainty by planning ahead the right way. This virtually guarantees the success of every email you send, no matter the type or niche
  • Learn to play by ‘the Big Boys rules’ - fundamental principles of email conversion that none of the successful business owners dare to break (because they work like a charm, even in 2018)
  • Gain insider access to the lesser-known DNA’ of a High Converting Email - the secret genetic code that gives life to apex emails with the power of 800-pound gorillas for your business
  • Drastically cut down the time it takes to plan a campaign, by front-loading 80% of the work before you ever write a single word (I’ll show you how to do it RIGHT & make it repeatable)
  • Acquire the ability to design the high-level specifics of a kickass email in just 4 minutes, with the powerful & easily repeatable ‘3-Step Email Design Process’ that cuts down your efforts


Demystifying ‘Subject lines’ and ‘From lines’

  • Discover a surprising new trend that throws everything you’ve ever known about subject lines out the window - & gives you the power to 10X your intrigue factor so people can’t NOT open
  • Drastically cut down your spam score and boost your reputation by optimizing your ‘From lines’ so they seem friendly & inviting (subject lines get all the love but these are JUST as critical)
  • Go from abysmal open rates to unignorable mailbox dominator within 10 mins, even if you can barely write your grocery list, with my ‘3-Step Process’ to writing captivating subject lines
  • Steal my CRAZY collection of over 100+ ‘fill-in-the-blank’ subject line formulas and over 500+ swipes so you never have to write from scratch (just pick a formula, use it, and see results!)


My Step-by-step Formula for Creating the Perfect Email Body

  • Banish “blank page syndrome” forever and always feel completely confident in your writing because this lesson is ALL about empowering you with practical tools that make writing EZ
  • Steal the Mega-valuable ‘Perfect Email Body Framework’ - tested & perfect over the years in countless industries - that turns the actual act of writing an email into child’s play
  • Learn how to easily take your readers on an emotional joyride that acts as a slippery slope, so at the end of this journey they’ll be eager to buy whatever you’re offering - no questions asked
  • Discover several cash-multiplying secrets that few people know about, yet when applied, they immediately boost a regular boring email into a true rainmaker email that people RAVE about
  • Join me behind the scenes as I dissect 6 Powerful hook archetypes that virtually guarantee engaging emotional connection with your reader (plus 8 extra ‘product’ hooks… just in case!)
  • Understand why AIDA, the most popular copywriting formula works and how to use it properly. Great! And once you’re done, allow me to introduce the new ‘cool kid on the block’: PASOP

   MODULE 3   
10X Your Sales Emails

Rainmaker Email Mastery: Module 3 - 10X Your Sales Emails

At this point, you’re already ahead of 90% of your competition. However, this module will give you the edge to master that last 10% and catapult you to the top!

You’ll have all the pieces finally put together to double (if not TRIPLE) the effectiveness of every single email campaign you send from now on. THIS is where the rubber meets the road and THIS is where YOU get to WIN! Your rainmaker emails await...


In the Trenches - Examples of Rockstar Sales Emails in Real Life

  • Watch me ‘over-my-shoulder’ as I dissect 3 six-figure emails written by the best in the business: a kickass sales-, an affiliate promotion-, and an urgency email (+ 4 more in the vault!)
  • Gain exclusive insights into how to demolish your competition and eat their lunch using hidden tactics that very few email experts know about (this is some REAL next-level stuff!)
  • See real-world examples of the techniques you’ve mastered up until this point, and marvel as these master copywriters use the exact same concepts in action to mind-boggling effect


6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and Why Your Open Rates Suck

  • Discover the missing link between your titanic efforts and where the real money is (HINT: It’s NOT what you think and after watching this video, you’ll scream: “It can’t be this easy!”)
  • Gain unshakable confidence and unprecedented control in your email crafting abilities by knowing exactly what to look out for, how to maximize your effectiveness, and how to fix issues
  • Use my extensive, 19-point copywriting checklist to completely melt your prospect’s eventual objections and quickly bring them over to “your side” - without actually manipulating them
  • Convert more of your readers into regular buyers, happily willing to pay you higher prices than ever, and rave about you to ALL of their friends - giving you valuable free promotion
  • Put a final end to low open rates & click-through rates, and weed out any imperfections in your emails that might otherwise embarrass you, destroy your credibility, or even kill your sales


Advanced Hacks to take Your Emails to the Next Level

  • Gain an extensive toolbox filled with powerful assets that will boost your click-through rates above the stratosphere, so you automatically convert casual readers into eager BUYERS
  • Learn how to use more advanced laws of psychology to further increase your effectiveness (based on a vast universe of scientific research that direct marketers have blithely ignored!)
  • Discover the next-level ‘CPTS technique’ borrowed straight from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to physically “hack” your reader’s brain & compel them to take action pronto
  • Uncover an often-overlooked but extremely powerful ‘Battlefield Principle’ technique that’s surgically designed to grab your reader’s attention by the balls and make their blood boil
  • Steal my HUGE collection of 500 high emotion words that I use every single day to pump up my copy’s energy to 120% and easily add that extra ‘sizzle’ (so you can write bullets just like these!)



These workbooks are filled with curated best practices and are specifically designed to give you an edge over anyone else - while drastically cutting down the time it takes to master the powerful insights within Rainmaker Email Mastery. 

They really make things as easy as A.B.C.


40 Proven 'Fill-in-the-blanks' Email Templates

40 fill-in-the-blanks email templates

Use these proven templates to send a plethora of high-converting emails in just 5 minutes, regardless of your niche. You'll find winning formulas for ecommerce, digital products, consulting, yearly special occasions, and even a FULL 'plug-n-play' 7-day campaign to sell any digital product!

Just pick a template, fill in the blanks, and you're done!


BONUS 1 - SUBJECT LINE HERO ($199 value - Yours for FREE!) 

Go from ‘No clue at all’ to ‘Well, that was easy! in just a few short minutes… impressing everybody with your face-meltingly effective subject lines that convert like crazy (in fact, people will start asking you for YOUR help to coach them with subject lines!)

BONUS 2 - 500 HIGH EMOTION WORDS ($69 value - Yours for FREE!)

Simplify your life with this comprehensive list, packed with over half a THOUSAND blood-pumping words that shock people out of their zombie state and make them listen to what you’re saying - turning your sales message from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG, shut up and take my money now!’


Discover exactly how a true rainmaker email is built with this extremely in-depth 30-min case study that reveals how a SINGLE email catapulted a Kickstarter project to get funded in excess of $102,000 and exceed original expectations by 2.5X!

BONUS 4 - SIX FIGURE EMAIL SWIPES ($147 value - Yours for FREE!) 

Get 7 juicy examples of real-life rockstar emails that all pulled in above six figures EACH - and gain the valuable insights of the best copywriting minds in the online business space


Gain 27 advanced hacks that - when implemented - will massively boost your open rates & click-through rates, and empower you with absolute confidence regarding each email you send (once you start using this seriously effective checklist, emailing becomes 10 times easier!)


Get a SOLID recommendation of 18 of the most powerful email marketing tools currently on the planet internet, all designed to help you grow faster, easier, and with bigger profits. I’ve seen these tools in real life and can personally attest to their incredible revenue-generating power!


Yours for FREE when you enroll in Rainmaker Email Mastery today! 



As you can see, the Total Value of the bonuses ALONE is almost $500!

Yet, just by taking action today, the ENTIRE “Rainmaker Email Mastery System, with all the bonuses is yours for the taking - without actually selling your pants (or your soul) to get it

Remember: You’ve been missing out on the earth-shattering, bone-creeking power of emails for FAR too long…

Unless you take action today, you run a grave risk of leaving a STUPID amount of money on the table - and feeling real anger, because you’re not living the life you deserve...

Yet, simply by choosing to take action today, everything will change for the better…

Imagine opening your next bank statement and – instead of cringing – you are blown away when you see your savings account absolutely overflowing with more cash than you ever dreamt possible …

It’s more than enough to erase your debt, buy that new car you always wanted, allow you to move to your dream home, or even take a year-long vacation if you like adventures...

In fact, picture the thrill and excitement of seeing your account become bigger and bigger each day... giving you the freedom to go WHEREVER you want, WHENEVER you want - WITHOUT having to worry about paying your bills.

You’ll never have to worry about money problems again, that’s for sure…

Talk about ultimate freedom!

Not only that but picture yourself waking up with a huge smile - because you get to be sipping your favorite cocktail in a 5-star hotel, somewhere in the Caribbean, on a random Wednesday morning…

Maybe you want to celebrate by yourself… or maybe you’ll share the experience with a friend, or even a group of friends, to make it that much more fantastic!

Walk with me for a moment, as we imagine you feeling absolute joy, as you dart off to your favorite vacation spot with your ideal travel partner…

Enjoying life to the fullest...

THIS is what proper email marketing can give you!

And you know what the best part is? 

The absolute PEACE OF MIND that you don’t have to do this alone....

Instead, you get a proven, ‘no-nonsense’ SYSTEM that’s been tested & perfected in countless industries over years & years - so that it completely takes the guesswork out of crafting high-converting emails

And sets you up for success right from the start!

Think about the relief you’ll feel when you can finally say goodbye to second-grade fads that overpromise and under deliver...

And instead, you get an effortless system that works without all the gimmicks….

...Saving you time, money, effort - and tons of frustration!

...And making you feel safe & confident because now you possess a powerful asset that allows you to make money automatically - and with predictability!

Everyone will be wondering “What’s up with all this success?”

...and you’ll know EXACTLY what’s up:

You’ve just uncovered the true ESSENCE of what makes email marketing work for real…

The secret success strategy enjoyed by the best in the business, that - from now on - is yours for the taking!

At this point, you’re probably brimming with excitement… Full of hope and optimism…

You’re FREE and at peace, because you’re on the right path to catapulting your business to new heights – at long last!

Listen, the brutal truth is that you’ve been deceived for years by ‘internet marketers’, so-called experts, and quick-fix train-wreck-of-a-solutions…

By false promises that built false hope, and dashed your dreams of success against the rocks…

However, today is your day to CLAIM your power and take responsibility:

To take the action necessary to put an end to the confusion, and begin anew with the REAL DEAL that WORKS!

Yet, unlike all those time-wasting “tactics”, this one is GUARANTEED to work for you...


Try Rainmaker Email Mastery for a full 30 days, 100% risk-free!

If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back - and let me tell you why...

I've built this course over YEARS, after studying the academic psychology of persuasion, and then testing what I've learned in my clients' and my own business. 

Rainmaker Email Mastery isn’t just about making more money (though you can use it to do that)... It’s about truly understanding what makes people tick. It’s about persuading them to do something.

And if it can help you make an extra $3000 next month... give you the confidence you need... or even get you to have a fun Friday night because your friends RSVP to your email... I consider it a job well done.

I invite you to use it and send 1 email. Send 10 emails. Send 100. All I ask is you watch the results. I’m confident you’ll be impressed!

So here’s my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this course... if you don’t produce at least DOUBLE your investment in revenue 30 days after you complete it, or even if you don’t like the lessons… just send me an email, show me you did the work, and you'll get 100% of your money back.

You can't lose! Join the course and see for yourself!


The easiest ‘no-nonsense’ system to confidently & consistently Sell More with Emails - Using my Elegant Persuasion Framework

For INSTANT ACCESS to everything, click on the green button below right now…

And you’ll be taken to the exclusive and secure member’s area within literally a few minutes. See you inside!

standard edition



Get started today and get:

  • In-depth modules, 9 practical lessons, 3 helpful workbooks
  • Over 3 hours  of Full HD video content (+mp3s!)
  • 40 Proven 'done-for-you' Email Templates
  • Self-paced lessons to watch anywhere, anytime
  • 6 crazy-valuable BONUSES (worth $612)
  • 12 useful worksheets, checklists, & turbo formulas
  • A ridiculous 200+ subject line formulas & 500+ swipes
  • Lifetime all-inclusive membership (including FREE future updates!)
  • Instant access & securely encrypted checkout
  • Iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee


Is Rainmaker Email Mastery right for me?

I'm brand new to email marketing. Can this course help me?

I've been doing email marketing for years. Can this course help me?

'It's easy for you... but I'm no writer'

'I want to send more (and better) emails but I don't want to seem scammy...'

How long does it take to complete it?

How long will I have access?

What kind of technical skills do I need to be able to do this?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?



The most experienced sales copywriter I've ever met

As an owner of an international agency, I've been in email marketing for many years, yet Csaba was able to show me new winner tactics that changed my business strategy and how I think about emails. After I implemented his advice, the new email sequences delivered CRAZY conversions! He's a true A+++ player in marketing.

Daniel B.
CEO, Email Marketing Agency

Csaba's programs are top-notch

His work and knowledge are not only helpful but carry lots of value and increases the quality of any business. Some people play great songs, some people paint, Csaba can for sure write elegantly engaging and persuasive messages - he's top notch! If you have the opportunity to join one of his programs DO IT and you'll thank me later!

Nestor C.
Marketing Consultant

This boosted my conversion rate to new heights

As a result of this, I got my conversion rate of a $47 product from 1% to almost 3% and actually dropped my refund rate... to an exceptional 4%. I definitely recommend Csaba's work, he seems to have had extensive training on sales funnels and knows his stuff. Plus, seemed to genuinely want to help me - which is hard to find in most courses.

Theodore T.
Youtube Influencer

I think the style and tone you write with works!

I would like to thank you for your lead and support, and also some valuable advice you gave us! I truly think you helped us

Lia H.
Founder, Integrative Coaching

What a copywriter!

Great attention to detail. Solid understanding of direct response sales copy and email marketing principles:)

Brian Y.
6 Figure Online Entrepreneur

Thanks so much for your helpful tips and great work:)

Just wanted to thank you so much for helping me build an awesome email campaign, now I am not ashamed to put it out there!

Anna A.
Psychotherapist & Coach

Csaba is a true professional and a real craftsman

The world and marketing sites, in general, are full of self-proclaimed 'experts', you sir are a true professional so I will always take your guidance on matters.

Jon T.
CEO, TLD Wealth & TPD

Mastermind writer

I was quite impressed with the quality of your emails and how you were able to captivate your audience with storytelling. You nailed it to my door, with an abundance of creativity!

Dane T.
Serial Entrepreneur & App Dev

Grateful for his deep insights

It was really nice working with Csaba. He understood my vision and helped me formulate my messaging and come up with great ideas. I am very grateful for his deep insights and helpful guidance.

Jyoti B.
Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor



Now, do you HAVE to join Rainmaker Email Mastery if you want to learn how to craft high-converting emails?

No. Of course not!

You have other options as well.

However, after spending long (and painful) years in the trenches, I want to offer you my honest experience with these - so you know what you're getting yourself into.

Option 1: Figure out everything on your own

This is by far the most comprehensive and long-lasting option, but it'll cost you. A LOT.

You could easily burn $10-20k on various courses, coaching programs, trial & error, and missed profits - over several years. 

Assuming 3 years, that's over $555 per MONTH that you have to come up with for the time equivalent of a college education... (Imagine raising your tuition by $6660 per year... ouch!)

Sure, you'll be left with a crazy amount of knowledge and wisdom, but do you really want to shell out this much for it?...

Option 2: Get help from specialized copywriters

A lot of people understandably don't want to shell out thousands to master emails, so they often outsource this type of work to copywriters.

Again, this is totally normal, but here's the thing with copywriters: 

Either they're relatively affordable and do shitty work... OR... they're crazy expensive and almost impossible to get a hold of.

Listen, as your business grows, you'll need more and more emails - and their performance will be more important to your bottom line than ever.

What if you need an email written quickly?

You'll scramble to find a cheap freelancer on Upwork who butchers your tone of voice?...

You'll wait for weeks (or even months!) for the right copywriter to take on your project and charge between $200-500 PER email?

Or would you rather use my proven, step-by-step system and do it yourself in 30 minutes?

I think you already know the answer...

The ability to craft successful, high-converting emails is worth its weight in gold.

It's as simple as that...

You pay an expensive copywriter - not for his work - but for their knowledge. 

If you had that knowledge yourself - then you would not have to pay them at all.

Option 3: Buy a cheap, generic Udemy course

Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Brilliant.

Trendy online education platforms that offer tons of cheap courses in every topic you can imagine.

So what's the catch?

It's just that: they're cheap, generic courses that are all about theory and not much practice.

But what's even worse is that these courses usually fall flat on their face when it comes to applicability or usefulness - mainly because they're almost always just a simple collection of random tactics, that can't really do much for you on their own.

What ends up happening a lot is that people buy these courses because they're always on sale... and then just leave it at that... Plus, there are rarely any worksheets, accountability, or practical bonuses.

In this case, you really DO get what you pay for - which isn't much.

Option 4: Read a bunch of free articles on Google

This is what most people do by default...

And I get it - we've evolved to be risk avoiders, who want the maximum amount of benefits for the least amount of resources.

And while there are certainly tons of free guides, great resources, and ebooks out there... ask yourself the following question and be very honest:

Have you been talking about scaling your business to the next level for years, and you still haven’t?

If so… it’s time to make a change.

You don’t even need to invest in expensive programs or spend years to figure it out yourself...

I did ALL of this for you and now I can show you how the email marketing game really works behind closed doors.

Let me take the best of what I know, and help you create the business you’ve ALWAYS wanted, give you the support you need, and help you stop putting that dream off until tomorrow and start working on it today.

Option 5: Try Rainmaker Email Mastery risk-free

Look, you could absolutely pick options 1-4... but would that really be the smartest choice?

Not really. 

I've tried them all and they all have their significant downsides...

So that's exactly why I've created Rainmaker Email Mastery - to be the unquestionable 'bang for your buck' champion of mastering email marketing.

I took all the experience & specialized knowledge that I have...

...and distilled it down into a simple, easy to follow, step-by-step system that has all the best parts and it’s easy to understand - even for the layperson.

This 'no-nonsense' system shows you how to strategize, design, write, & refine a high-converting email in a single afternoon - without sounding sleazy or overly aggressive...

And helping you make more by working LESS, and giving you unshakable confidence over your email campaigns.

(Not to mention feeling safer, getting more respect from your subscribers, feeling valued, and allowing you to live a Rich Life)

While other affordable courses show you random tips & tactics, I give you a battle-tested, ready-made blueprint that has been proven to work time & time again, in multiple industries, generating hundreds of thousands for my clients each year!

(Plus, it's not a hit or miss... like unreliable freelancers...)

You can go through it in your own pace, watch it on any of your devices, choose between video, audio, or text, and you can even download the lessons to your own device to listen on the road.

The possibilities and endless!

Look, I've spent over $20k & several years to uncover the true art & science of writing high-converting emails - and now I want to show you how to do it yourself in just 2 hours, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

I’ve done all the hard work for you - so you don’t have to!

And now, for a meager 297 bucks, you can save years & tens of thousands of dollars… and STILL get your hands on the ultimate blueprint that empowers you to generate a constant flow of new customers with predictability, every single month - even while you sleep!

And do it with ZERO risk to you because you're fully protected by my 30-day money back guarantee.

...But, in order to get here, you have to act now.

While others keep struggling without doing anything about it...

Let me ask you something:

In the next 3 months, what will you do to dramatically grow your business?

If you're happy staying at your current level, that's great - it's certainly an achievement and you're already ahead of most people.

Or if you know PRECISELY what you're doing to grow by at least 40-50% in the next 3 months, then honestly, this course probably isn't for you.

However, if you're looking for a proven way to grow, and you're stuck - whether it's lackluster sales, low conversions, or not enough customers - my question to you is this: 

Do you know how to get from here to where you WANT to be?

Do you know - exactly - why your audience isn't responding to your sales messages as you'd like them to?

And do you know how to optimize these messages so that you see predictable results a week from now, a month from now, and literally add 50% to your business 3 months from now?

If you do, that's awesome. But if you don't, there's never been a better opportunity to gain these insights.

Remember, while others keep struggling without doing anything about it... people who make wise decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get the results they want.

What are YOU going to do?

standard edition



Get started today and get:

  • In-depth modules, 9 practical lessons, 3 helpful workbooks
  • Over 3 hours of Full HD video content (+mp3s!)
  • 40 Proven 'done-for-you' Email Templates
  • Self-paced lessons to watch anywhere, anytime
  • 6 crazy-valuable BONUSES (worth $500)
  • 12 useful worksheets, checklists, & turbo formulas
  • A ridiculous 200+ subject line formulas & 500+ swipes
  • Lifetime all-inclusive membership (including FREE future updates!)
  • Instant access & securely encrypted checkout
  • Iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee

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