The Lead Activation Scorecard 

Score yourself on the 9-point Lead Activation Scorecard to discover your biggest untapped growth opportunities!

Ever wondered if there's any extra hidden revenue "hiding" in your business?

I you have... then you're in for a treat because I've specifically engineered this scorecard to help you identify the biggest leaks in your business... 

Along with specific steps you can take to fix those leaks and unlock new growth opportunities fast.

You see...

There are 9 very specific LEVERS you can pull to ultimately get the results you're looking for, and this scorecard will help you diagnose WHICH levers you need to pull in which order to maximize your results in minimum time.

And the best part?

Despite the fancy colors, you can easily do this yourself in just 5 minutes...

And once you do, you'll get a surprising amount of CLARITY on the exact things holding you back from achieving the results you want.

How to Use it:

Step 1: Click the link above, and then click "File > Make a copy" to save a copy

Step 2: Go through the 9 levers, and give yourself a score based on instructions

Step 3: Please also include a brief description of WHY you gave that score

BONUS: if you'd like me to give you some personal feedback on how you can improve your results, just email your completed scorecard to "" and put "SCORECARD" in the subject line... And I'll get back to you with some helpful tips ;)

Looking forward to seeing your results!

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