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From the desk of Csaba Borzasi

April 18th, 2023

Dear loyal Chris Orzechowski subscriber,

I’m well aware that only 2 out of 100 of Chris’s email subscribers will respond to the urgent message on this page...

Because the truth is, most people like to whine about how hard it is to make money in today's economy…

While secretly cowering in the corner, quaking at the possibility that they’ll have to face another “feast & famine” cycle.

The truth is…

Most people publicly declare they want freedom and the “laptop lifestyle”… 

But prove otherwise, by letting Impostor Syndrome, Blank Page Syndrome, and all sorts of head trash murder their ambitions.

And the truth is… 

Most people publicly declare they want consistent $10k+ months so they can finally be financially free and give their family the life they deserve… 

But prove otherwise by settling for income that’s barely enough to cover the bills…

And squeezing pennies from shitty one-at-a-time clients who happily exploit them in exchange for “future work”! 

(whatever that means)


If You’re Dead Serious About Making A Difference For Yourself, And The People Who Rely On You…

(maybe you wanna buy something you’ve always wanted, or just take that dream vacation)...

If you’re dead serious about making a life you (and your partner) can be proud of…

Then I urge you to grab this ridiculous copywriting giveaway because I've packed more GENUINE VALUE into this than most people put into their paid programs (costing thousands of $$$)

And right now, I'm willing to give you the whole shebang for FREE...

So that – in addition to being a loyal Chris Orzechowski subscriber – you also become one of MY valued subscribers :)

Am I trying to shamelessly bribe you with this?


Do I honestly believe this will help you make more money faster?

Also YES.

So who am I and why should you give a damn?

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I'm Csaba Borzasi, and I’m probably “Hungary’s Best English-Speaking Copywriter”...

But let’s be honest…

That doesn’t mean much… when most people can’t even point out Hungary on a map, right? :))

So here’s a brief “authority build-up section” for ‘ya:

  • I’ve been a freelance copywriter for the last 7 years…
  • I’ve worked with almost 100 different clients in ALL sorts of industries: watch brands, yoga teachers, self-improvement courses, psychologists, weight loss, Manifestation, blockchain, and finance… just to name a few!
  • I’ve helped my clients generate millions of dollars in extra revenue with my copywriting – and as a result – got paid my fair share of the pie as well
  • Plus, last year I did a CRAZY challenge during which I broke down 100 proven sales letters in 100 days (while documenting my learning process through daily YouTube videos)…
  • Which really “put me on the map” and generated lots of praise from the A-level TOP DOGS of our industry like:

Kevin Rogers 

Founder of CopyChief.com 

"Damn, Csaba’s not playing games!... he’s becoming a true authority on copywriting by breaking down sales letters with great care, love, detail... while still bringing the enthusiasm of a student!"

Brian Kurtz

40+ year veteran of direct response marketing

“Csaba embraces everything about the craft of copywriting, he respects his mentors, and I can't recommend him enough… and I'm hoping for a lifetime of sharing and learning WITH him, FROM him.”

Chris Orzechowski

Top A-list email copywriter

"Csaba is a rising star in the copywriting world. He's got a genius-level ability for dissecting good pieces of copy and using that to produce powerful ads and funnels. He's a great guy to learn from."

Carline Anglade-Cole 

Top A-list direct response copywriter

"Hi Csaba! LOVED your breakdown! You really DUG DEEP to bring out the value for your viewers! I WROTE this promo - and I STILL learned A LOT from your breakdown, LOL! Thanks for teaching me a few lessons"

Kim Krause Schwalm

Top A-list direct response copywriter

"Fantastic breakdown, Csaba! And I say that as the copywriter who originally wrote this promo (quite a while ago!) You really know your stuff and I love how you explained things in a way I'm not even sure were going through my mind when I originally wrote it, but are right on the point. Keep up the breakdowns, they're super valuable!"

David L. Deutsch

Top A-list direct response copywriter

“You’re doing the right thing. I like what you’re doing


That’s cool and all… but what can I offer you that the one & only Chris Orzy…

…”THE Email Copywriter”…

…”Terminator of Tenacious Trolls”…

…”Emeritus Professor of Effective E-com Emails”



I don’t know… For starters, how about…


FREE Bonus #1

“The 100-Day Proven Sales Letter Breakdown Challenge Course”

You see…

Last year, I decided to do something crazy.

Over the course of 100 days, I'd break down 100 proven sales letters written by the titans of direct response marketing…

From OG copywriters like Claude Hopkins, John Caples, David Ogilvy, or Eugene Schwartz

To more recent superstars like Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, or Stefan Georgi

And I’d reverse-engineer some of their BEST stuff to figure out WHY they worked.

Even better, I’d document my entire learning process through DAILY videos

So that I don’t just “passively” consume all this information…

I actively “re-create” the sales argument behind these timeless pieces of copy!

I'm not gonna lie – it was quite an undertaking...

The whole process took between 3-4 hours PER day.


It was abso-freakin-lutely worth it!


Because it not only supercharged MY copywriting and marketing skills…

It also lead to people like Brian Kurtz – THE most connected man in the world of direct response marketing – becoming a raving fan…

Along with several A-list copywriters like Kevin Rogers, Kim Krause Schwalm, Carline-Anglade Cole…

And not to mention THOUSANDS of copywriters & marketers from all around the world!

In fact, here's what Brian said about me and my work:

I recommend Csaba as a teacher. I recommend him as a student. And I recommend him as a wonderful human being who I’m so glad is in my life and in my mastermind… teaching my mastermind stuff that I'm not an expert in.

He embraces everything about the craft of copywriting, the past, he respects his mentors, and I can't recommend him enough… and I'm hoping for a lifetime of sharing and learning with him, from him.”


Brian Kurtz

Legendary Direct Response Marketing Veteran

So why am I telling you this?


I'd like you to "retroactively" join me on this journey...

And follow along as I break down 100 proven, timeless sales letters that have brought in millions & millions of dollars in all types of niches you can think of!

You'll discover WHY they worked...

WHAT made them so damn effective...

And HOW you can apply proven fundamentals from these famous ads in your own copywriting…

So you can gain unshakable confidence and "show off" potential in front of your potential clients ;)

And starting today, you'll get an email from me each Tuesday and Friday at 4 pm Eastern Time with a hot new sales letter breakdown video inside.

I'll keep these emails short because the focus will be on the videos themselves. 

Each one will be around 20-40 minutes long.


You're also going to get access to my coveted "Secret Copy Recipe" cheat sheet that reveals:
  • How to rapidly create high-converting sales copy for yourself (or a client), even if you’re short on time
  • The forgotten secret of Master Closers from the 1920s that “melts away” almost every objection with ease. (Works extremely well online, yet not 5% of copywriters know about this!)
  • An ingenious technique to predicting what your prospect WILL (and WON'T) respond to... so you can boost your sales and lower your ad costs at the same time!
  • A simple 26-point "pre-flight" checklist that instantly reveals gaping holes in your copy. (A TOP $1bn/year direct response company swears by this method!)
  • The easiest way to banish “Blank Page Syndrome” for good... so that you NEVER stare at that dreadful blinking cursor again! (The confidence you gain after this is life-changing)
  • PLUS: 5 ready-made “Copywriting Templates” designed specifically for today’s highest-impact marketing channels… Just use one of these templates, and creating your next Facebook Ad, Email, or Sales page becomes child’s play!

Should you follow along, you'll get a year-long(!) world-class copywriting education for free...

And you'll discover the untold secrets behind the best sales letters of all time!

I can’t even put a value number on this…

But Brian Kurtz – THE most connected guy in the world of direct response – told me I was CRAZY for not putting the 100 sales letter breakdown videos behind a paywall...

And I could easily sell this unique library for thousands of dollars!

Now you can get them all for FREE.

But wait… there’s more…

Because I want to give you an offer so powerful... it REALLY becomes a no-brainer for you!


FREE Bonus #2

“The Rainmaker Freelance Copywriting Toolkit”

This is my coveted collection of powerful resources to supercharge your skills as a copywriter, and quickly position you as a go-to expert in front of new clients!

It includes mega-useful things like:

  • Word-for-word sales scripts that convert like crazy
  • Handy proposal & contract templates
  • Powerful cheat sheets for finding, pitching, and closing clients
  • Useful checklists to make the copywriting process waaaay easier (and faster)
  • And other powerful resources to quickly position you as a go-to expert in front of new clients!

PLUS… even treasures like Gary Halbert’s FULL “Boron Letters” book!

(A-list copywriters like Kim Schwalm paid HUNDREDS of $$$ for this book back in the day!)

The Rainmaker Freelance Copywriting Toolkit is EASILY valued at $499…

But it’s yours FREE when you join today.


FREE Bonus #3

“The 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence”

You know...

At this point, I was thinking:

If someone had just snatched this ridiculously valuable bundle… 

Including the “100-Day Proven Sales Letter Breakdown Challenge Course”

AND my “Rainmaker Freelance Copywriting Toolkit”...

What ELSE would help them become a specialized go-to expert FAST that clients WANT to throw money after?

And then I realized:

“You know, I have a best-seller email template pack called “The 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence”... that would be perfect for that!”

The 7-Day Rainmaker Email Sequence is a complete “Done-For-You” campaign that’s PERFECT for making a few thousand dollars from your list FAST 

(OR to pitch to any client for a MINIMUM of $500-1000... even if you’re a beginner!)

You just fill in the blanks, customize it a bit, and collect your money. 


This normally sells for $99... but I've decided to throw it in as well when you subscribe to my email list within the next 24 hours ;)


FREE Bonus #4


“The Advanced Copy Creation Blueprint: The Fool-Proof 9-Point Process For Writing A Winning Ad Every Time”

You know, at this point, I was feeling like:

“If I’m Already Giving You So Much Value… Why Not Overdeliver Like CRAZY, right??”

So even though this ludicrous copywriting giveaway already gives you (almost) everything you need to take your copywriting career to the next level…

I also realized…

“You could probably get EVEN BETTER results if you also got practical training from some of the BEST copywriters and marketers alive today!”

So I also wanted to gift you a special “closed-door” masterclass I recorded a few months ago for my Breakthrough Conversions Academy program with my friend – Kevin Rogers – (the founder of CopyChief.com).

It’s called:

“The Advanced Copy Creation Blueprint: The Fool-Proof 9-Point Process For Writing A Winning Ad Every Time”

In this special masterclass (and the Q&A session after it)...

Kevin personally shared his deepest (darkest?) secrets with us when it comes to consistently creating killer ads and sales pages...

Including lesser-known secrets that allowed him to get away with charging $50,000 PER launch package when he was still working with clients!

This is THE perfect "companion bonus" to the existing bundle

One that empowers you to use everything I teach even more effectively!

This thing is EASILY valued at $999… 

But it’s yours FREE when you subscribe to my email list today.

In fact…

EVERYTHING I just mentioned so far, yours forever, when you join my list as a loyal Chris Orzy subscriber.

So what do you think?

Pretty good bunch of bonuses here, right?


Call me CRAZY but I’m still not done !!! :D

(I meant it when I said this was going the be THE most ludicrous copywriting giveaway ever!)

Because I’d also like to give you…


FREE Bonus #5

“Lifetime Access to A Special Subscriber Hub”

This is a behind-the-velvet-rope area where you'll find an ever-growing library of free conversion-boosting resources like:

  • The Ultimate Email Checklist (so you can send better emails)
  • The 5-Principles of Sending Rainmaker Emails mini-course
  • 39 Proven Headline Formulas (so you can hook people emotionally)
  • The 5-Part Consulting Email Sequence (so you can get more clients)
  • The full Game of Conversions Video Library (covering lots of cool marketing topics)
  • The 8-Step YouTube Ads Quickstart Guide (perfect if you wanna write YT ads)
  • And more!

EASILY worth over $500!


FREE Bonus #6

“Csaba’s Copy Memoirs”

This is a breakthrough 7-part course that reveals a Hidden Persuasion Method I’ve accidentally discovered during my 100-day proven sales letter breakdown challenge…

And I honestly believe THIS was the “secret weapon” behind the old masters’ fame & glory.

It all starts with something I call “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting”...

And I can 100% promise you you’ve NEVER seen something like this before… 

…no matter how many copywriting courses you’ve been through!

I know it’s a bold claim… but it’s true.

In fact, I invite you to see for yourself… because inside, you’ll discover:

  • A breakthrough persuasion method for consistently creating high-converting marketing messages called "Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting"
  • The forgotten secret of Master Closers from the 1920s that “melts away” almost every objection with ease. (Works extremely well online, yet not 5% of copywriters know about this!)
  • A 56-year-old multi-BILLION-dollar copywriting secret NOBODY talks about today (And believe me, I’ve looked!)
  • Why old-school copywriters like Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, or Gary Bencivenga would still WIPE the floor with their modern-day rivals!
  • The ONE thing every single legendary copywriter of the last 100 years was consistently doing in their blockbuster promotions (that almost no one knows about!)
  • The most effective scientific way to ethically “hack” someone’s brain and get them to ACT NOW (even if they're super skeptical!)
  •  PLUS: The “Secret Recipe” behind 100 of the most profitable ads of all time… a FREE cheat sheet I've built after reverse-engineering 100 world-class ads in 100 days

NOTE: You’ll get access to this after about 1.5 weeks so that you won’t be overwhelmed by too much content all at once.

About Me

Hi, I'm Csaba Borzasi, a former psychology researcher turned direct response marketing consultant and sales funnel copywriter.

For years, I struggled to get my business off the ground and create profitable marketing campaigns that actually make money, but was getting nowhere and I was at the end of my rope.

Then I decided to go all-in and master the timeless fundamentals of the “ultimate persuasive skill”: direct response copywriting... Going as far as breaking down 100 proven sales letters in 100 days to uncover the master secrets of the most elite copywriters of all time (while documenting my process through daily YouTube videos)

Today, I help ambitious online businesses convert more casual leads into high-AOV customers and plug the holes in their “leaky” funnels.

Are You REALLY Gonna Miss Out On This Epic  Copywriting Giveaway ?...

I sure hope not...

Because it's BY FAR the most valuable free offer I've ever put together...

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What awaits you is a well-rounded package of some of the most powerful copywriting resources you've ever seen...

And I haven't even mentioned all the other cool emails you'll be getting as a new subscriber.


My emails aren't quite as edgy or ballsy as Chris'...

And if you expect lots and lots of drama, then this probably isn't for you...

But what I *CAN* absolutely promise you is Copywriting GOLD!

Stuff that you've never seen anywhere else.

And that, my friend, is super, duper valuable :)

So look…

You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to give this a risk-free shot…

And banish all that uncertainty, low confidence, frustration, anxiety, and pain that are holding you back from becoming the copywriter you've always meant to be.

So why not give it a try?

Why Not Give Yourself A Chance And Sign Up?

I mean… What’s the worst that can happen?

You sign up… and if you doesn't like my stuff, you unsubscribe.

And you can go to sleep knowing that you at least gave it an honest shot.

In other words, you can’t lose!

The ONLY way to lose is to do nothing by default... and miss out on giveaway.

So as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say (and who doesn't loooove him?):

I'll see you inside ;)

PS - More Nice Things People Are Saying About Me

Jodie Vee

Certified Nutrition Coach

“I appreciate all your doing and for expending yourself for the sake of excellence. Everything is so well presented and digestible and I am learning so much. Looking forward to implementing as soon as I pull together my next offering.”

Preston Bates

CEO, Omega ROI

"Csaba is hands down one of the most thoughtful students of direct response copywriting I've ever encountered. And the best teachers are always the best students. I studied with Csaba, and you should pay attention to anything he puts out."

Tom Ruwitch

Business Growth Strategist

“Csaba breaks things down in ways that enable less experienced writers to get up and go… as well as seasoned pros to say, "Aha, I didn't think of that"! I have those "aha" moments every time I tune into Csaba."

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