breakthrough conversions academy

The ONLY emotional response marketing system that merges the timeless wisdom of the greatest copywriters and marketers of all time with what’s working NOW... into a repeatable, step-by-step process that gets you 3X more conversions, sales, and customers in 3 months (or less!)


A step-by-step system for creating a special type of 10-day automated welcome sequence called an "Imprinting Sequence" that warms up new subscribers joining your list... identifies 5-Star Prospects... builds "Know, Like, And Trust"... and helps you convert them into better customers faster (automatically!)

Rainmaker email mastery

The easiest ‘no-nonsense’ system to confidently & consistently Sell More with Emails - using my Elegant Persuasion Framework.

Rainmaker Email Mastery Course

7-day rainmaker email sequence

A complete plug-n-play email campaign built specifically to sell digital products & services - even if you've never written a single line of copy in your life.

from zero to copywriting hero

A proven 5-part system that’s specifically engineered to help you launch a high-paying freelance copywriting career from scratch (even if you're a total beginner!)

Million Dollar Copywriting Swipe Library

Includes 100 of the Best Sales Letters of All Time... Annotated and Marked-up With My Detailed Comments + a MASSIVE, 2000+ page library of various high-converting copywriting samples

How To Create An Offer So Irresistible... Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It

Discover the most effective system to create irresistible offers that turn causal leads into profitable customers and raving fans

From 0 to YouTube Ads HERO

The fastest way to *ethically hijack* your competitor's YouTube traffic... and generate a SWARM of Hot New Leads FAST... even if you're terrified of video or have no idea what to say!



The most effective way to unlock your sales funnel's untapped revenue potential so you can go from "doing okay" to "Holy SH*T we've made how much this month?!" - in no time flat.


I help ambitious online entrepreneurs engineer profitable marketing funnels and persuasive sales messages... so they can experience more consistent cash flow while impacting more people around them

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Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools to help you generate more paying customers.

The secret behind one of my Groundbreaking Email Campaigns

Not too long ago, I was invited to be a guest speaker in Brian Kurtz’s Titans Xcelerator Mastermind.The topic?Breaking down a NEW type of marketing campaign I recently validated that produced some truly ridiculous results.How ridiculous, you say?Well… Table Of Contents 1The results2BIGGEST INSIGHT #1: Never neglect “Market-to-Message matching”3BIGGEST INSIGHT #2: Meet people where they’re

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The secret behind one of my Groundbreaking Email Campaigns
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Crafting the PERFECT EMAIL

Get it now and you'll also get my free 5-part mini-course, "The 5 Principles of Sending Rainmaker Emails", along with the latest tips, tricks, and proven techniques that are working right now in digital marketing.