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"An email marketers dream"

I've put together the most comprehensive checklist that'll take your email game to a whole new level.

For the first time ever, I'm sharing my best practices for sending high-converting emails - developed over years and tried & tested in some of the most competitive markets on the internet. It's a gold mine.

  • Revealed: the DO's and DON'TS of email marketing in 2020
  • Gain 27 advanced hacks that - when implemented - will massively boost your open rates & click-through rates
  • Gives you the confidence to write & send high-converting emails that bring in big bucks, time after time (even if you're not a writer)

Inside You'll Find:

7 Essential Fundamentals

Do you have the basics covered? Apply these 7 fundamental tips and you'll instantly get ahead 90% of your competition

'From Line' Best Practices

8 out of 10 people overlook the 'from line', yet it's a major component of a successful email. Learn how to use it wisely

Subject Line Manifesto

Shock people out of their zombie state, stop them dead in their tracks, & get their blood pumpin' for your message

Email Body Advanced Tips

Skyrocketing your click-through rates is virtually guaranteed when you cover all 6 points mentioned within this section

Elegant Persuasion Method

How to turn your burned-out list into a sea of raving fans, addicted to your emails and falling in love with your business

Email Automation Essentials

Packed with 5 critical campaign ideas that can quickly help you find "low hanging fruits" and unlock new revenue streams

What others are saying

The most experienced sales copywriter I've ever met

As an owner of an international agency, I've been in email marketing for many years, yet Csaba was able to show me new winner tactics that changed my business strategy and how I think about emails.  After I implemented his advice, the new email sequences delivered CRAZY conversions!  He's a true A+++ player in marketing.

Daniel Budai  //  CEO of Budai Media

Csaba's programs are top-notch

His work and knowledge are not only helpful but carry lots of value and increases the quality of any business. Some people play great songs, some people paint, Csaba can for sure write elegantly engaging and persuasive messages - he's top notch! If you have the opportunity to join one of his programs DO IT and you'll thank me later!

NESTOR CANALES  //  CEO of Clevermask

Mastermind writer

I was quite impressed with the quality of your emails and how you were able to captivate your audience with storytelling. You nailed it to my door, with an abundance of creativity!

DANE THEISEN  //   Founder of R We Still on Time

The person behind the Ultimate Email Checklist

Hi, I’m Csaba, a former psychology researcher turned email copywriter. 

For years I struggled to create profitable email campaigns that actually make money, but was getting nowhere and I was at the end of my rope.

Then I discovered a counter-intuitive method I call the “Elegant Persuasion Framework” that helped me reliably turn lukewarm subscribers into repeat customers, without being pushy or overly aggressive.

Today, I help 7-figure online companies go from "meh" to "HOLY SH*T we sold how much?!" with story-driven email campaigns and smart email marketing automation.

advanced sales page tips

Gain the confidence to consistently send emails that convert like crazy with the

  Ultimate Email Checklist.  

Plus, you'll also get my free 5-part mini-course,  "The 5 Principles of Sending Rainmaker Emails", along with the latest tips, tricks, and proven techniques that are working right now in digital marketing. 

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