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Dear Reader,

You're most likely an ambitious entrepreneur looking to grow your business. 

You know you have an awesome service, 

Something that should make your audience go "ga-ga" and shower you with money.

Yet when you look at your bank statement at the end of the month - you feel disappointed.

Sure, you've made a few dollars here and there, and you're making ends meat...

But your sales are far from where they could be - and you know this.

Meanwhile, your competitors are crushing it, laughing all the way to the bank!

And You Don't Understand Why

What's their "secret"? How are they so successful? Why aren't your visitors buying more?

Well, chances are - your message isn't resonating with your audience emotionally.

In fact, all people say when they read your message is "Hmm, interesting..." -

And then they get distracted by a random cat video and click away from your site.

Never to be seen again...

So much for having a great ROI on your ad campaigns, right?

Believe or not, people leave so much money on the table this way that it's not even funny...

And this bugs me. So I want to help them.


Heck, I Want to Help YOU

I want to help you grow your online business to multiple 6 figures and above!

I want to help you ensure that you make some serious impact with your message.

And perhaps most importantly, I want to help you "make a dent in the universe"!

...as the late Steve Jobs would say.


Csaba is a true professional and a craftsman in terms of his output

The world and outsourcing sites, in general, are full of self-proclaimed 'experts', you sir are a true professional so I will always take your guidance on matters.

Jon T CEO of Don't Wish You Had

Here's How I Can Help

I'm an expert at implementing a set of incredible persuasion tools in your business that automatically makes your audience open their hearts (and wallets!) for you - becoming your genuine, raving fans.

Yes, you read it right - YOUR genuine, raving fans!

You know, the “shut up and take my money”- type that we secretly all want.

And I do this without being pushy or using suffocating sales tricks - like so many others do.

Instead, I use deep customer research to help refine your message & positioning, and then craft magnetic sales messages that your audience simply can't say no to.

This allows you to legally “steal” dozens, or even hundreds of customers from your competitors (they’ll keep wondering where they all went)

And you'll go from “doing OK” to becoming a TOP 1% entrepreneur in your field



Allows you to get more qualified leads and automatically convert them into high-paying CUSTOMERS


Transforms your sales messages from 'OK' to completely irresistible that generates a storm of new buyers


Gives you an automatic revenue generating engine that makes you richer each day, without you doing anything

Who Am I?

I'm a persuasion hitman for hire.

I create high-converting funnels and craft engaging sales messages that elegantly persuade and swiftly move your readers towards the action YOU want them to take.

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Csaba Borzási

How'd you like to

Get more qualified leads and automatically convert them into high-paying CUSTOMERS

FREE UP TIME and energy to effortlessly grow the finer details of your business

Establish yourself as the GO-TO EXPERT in your niche, allowing you to triple your rates

Gain a TRUSTED ADVISOR who solves your problems & makes your life easier

 Imagine all of this manifesting itself into reality - without you doing anything...


You waking up with a smile on your face because you've made 5 extra sales during the night, without doing anything whatsoever...

Imagine feeling super-excited that today’s the day you’re going to *smash* your sales record -whatever that may be - without working more, yet knowing full well that your record-breaking profits will elevate your business to new heights.

Let me make this a reality for you!

When you hire me to grow your business, you will finally have a solution to double, or even triple your conversions that will generate you steady profits for the rest of your life and you'll stop leaving any more money on the table, once and for all.

in fact, tonight you’ll be able to go to sleep reassured and with total peace of mind because you’ve chosen the best partner to help you take your business to the next level.

And you’ll know that in just a few weeks from this very moment, you’re going to own an automatic money-generating asset that will keep working for you - forever.

Isn’t that a fantastic feeling?


Stop reading this testimonial and HIRE HIM, you will thank him and me later

Csaba delivered more than copy. He handled milestones, requested information and provided with high-quality advice. As a client, I can say his work is impeccable.

His communication was also exceptional. I was able to communicate with him throughout the project without interruptions. He was effective, clear and his advice was worth more than what I originally hired/paid him for (I even added extra milestones since he was very professional and clear about cost and future milestones delivery dates).

I intend to hire him for my future copy, so if you are going to hire (YOU SHOULD!!), please just make sure he is available for my future projects.

Nestor C Founder of Clevermask

I would highly recommend him!

Csaba was a great addition to our team, he helped shape our brand's mission statement and worked on the copy for a Kickstarter campaign we ran (that pulled in more than $120,000!)

Sehneur L Founder of Rebel Time Co.

Csaba is a trustworthy partner for your project's success!

Csaba has been a great asset to this project. I could not have asked for a better partner in Kickstarter success. He is friendly, his creativity is diabolical, he had constant, clear communication, and met all deadlines with shining stars. I would recommend him to any of my friends!

Dane T Founder of R We Still On Time

I know you’re on a mission to share your life’s work with the world...
But do your readers understand that?

Why not simply turn them into actual paying customers that come back for more?

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