Joe Sugarman | BluBlockers Sales Letter – How To Sell 20+ Million Pairs Of Sunglasses 

By  Csaba Borzasi

If you've read my last post, where I broke down Gary Halbert's famous "How to Collect From Social Security at Any Age" ad...

You're already ahead of 80% of people out there, congratulations!

(if not, here's the link to that post)

For the 2nd part of my "Proven Sales Letter Breakdown" challenge...

I'd like to show you another famous ad, written by none other than Joe Sugarman.

A true titan of the direct response marketing industry.

In this breakdown, you'll discover how Joe took a pair of simple sunglasses (with a cool feature)...

And turned it into a multi-million dollar brand that's STILL alive & well today...

With a single sales letter.

This is super powerful stuff that only the best copywriters in the world can pull off.

Prefer video instead? Watch Below!

How Joseph Sugarman Hooks The Reader

First of all, the heading VISION BREAKTHROUGH immediately hooks the reader as it implies a technological advancement, discovery, etc.

People want to learn about new advancements that can transform their own lives or the lives of their loved ones.

But Joe doesn’t stop here.

He follows the title up with a testimonial-style subtitle, that captures attention immediately.

“When I put on the pair of glasses, what I saw I could not believe. Nor will you.”

Initially, Joe positions himself as a skeptical user whose friend, Len, introduces him to the product. 

Len loves the glasses and recommends them to Joe, who kept asking, 'Do these really work?'

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Joe Sugarman’s Masterful Use Of Creative Visualization Techniques

Once Joe puts on the glasses, he gets into a magical world where objects appear sharper, and everything takes a 3-D effect. 

He claims to be so mesmerized by the product that he kept taking the glasses off and on to see if it was real.

Wouldn't you want to try such a product? See how Joe already builds desire without the audience noticing it!

The best copy gets you to envision life with the product in it. By sharing his own experience, he makes the reader directly visualize what they can experience by using the product.

In fact, this is why we always look for reviews before buying a product or service.

By positioning himself as a “customer” first, Joe Sugarman brilliantly uses word-of-mouth advertisement for an amazing product, showcasing that  it’s a total game-changer.

At this point, you may be wondering:

How effective is word-of-mouth advertising? 

Lets look at some statistics:

1.     According to Semrush, even if a stranger recommends a product, a whopping 90% of people trust it!

2.     88 % of folks trust the brand most likely when a relative or family member recommends it

Going back to the ad now, the entire lead (and the first part of the sales letter in general) does a great job of building tons of curiosity.

You WANT to find out what happens next and WHY, even though the story isn't really that gripping.

Joe makes sure that the product experience is embedded in the subconscious, so people can’t wait to find out what happens next. 

How Joe Sugarman Turns “Boring” Copy Around With Interesting Analogies

As a keen customer, Joe wants to find out what made the glasses different. 

Then, he explains the mechanism of the glasses in detail.

They block the dangerous UV rays and blue light from the sun, hence the title 'BluBockers'.

He uses exciting analogies like “blue Monday” and “I have the blues” to show the idea behind Blublockers.

And then, Joe Sugarman proceeds to the scientific details of the offering - very tactfully. 

He cautions the customers about other sunglasses as they tend to focus harmful UV rays on the retina, which are severely detrimental to the eyes.

Science-based persuasion techniques work the best so he gets into those details where customers crave for more information - without realizing they are being sold to!

The scientific mechanism of BluBlockers naturally attracts more attention, interest and adds credibility to the offering.

The Unique Selling Proposition In The Vision Breakthrough Ad

Joe establishes dominance of Blubockers over other brands in the market very strategically. 

He loved his pair of Blublockers so much that his cherished $100 sunglasses didn’t compare in any way.

Once he got the audience hooked to learn more about Blublockers, Joe reveals the Unique selling proposition of the offering.

Why is a pair of Blublockers a total game changer? 

He shows how it is far superior than $200 pairs you can buy from France or Italy.

1.  Technology: Joe says that he used CR-39 lens that 85% of doctors recommend.

2.   User-friendly: Most comfortable, flexible with adaptable frame.

3.   Model Variety: Exciting model variety available to tailor to your needs.

This is an amazing example of how to do a "slippery slope" right...

And how to keep people's attention via a story-based demonstration that dissolves disbelief...

And positions this product as a unique new opportunity through a powerful unique mechanism.

More great stuff in the video.

Click here to watch it now…

P.S. - In the next post, we are looking at a mouth-wateringly juicy sales letter from arguably the most successful copywriter of all time.


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