How Gary Halbert Wrote An Ad To Find His Perfect Woman 

By  Csaba Borzasi

Today, I will analyze a very special ad by Gary Halbert.

In his ad, Gary lays down the criteria for the perfect woman in his life. 🤯

Gary Halbert indeed came up with a creative approach to finding his ideal life partner, didn’t he?

He used his copywriting skills to present himself as a cool guy with a lavish lifestyle who just needs a hot woman to share his life with.

Since Gary has a history of failed relationships, he explicitly states his requirements and the kind of women he does NOT want.

Trust me, this ad is as interesting as it sounds, and then some.

Now, let's dive deeper into Gary Halbert’s idea of the perfect life partner.

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Who Is The Ideal Woman For Gary Halbert? 

“Are you more than another pretty face?
Are you a soft, sexy, exciting lady who would like to have a taste of part-time paradise? 
Are you that woman?”

Right off the bat, Gary Halbert clarifies that he’s looking for a gorgeous woman with a joyful personality as his partner. Hence, “just another pretty face” won’t qualify.

This is why he writes this very detailed ad presenting himself, his lifestyle, and the quirks of his personality.

He states that the only thing missing from his life is this kind of woman. He has been divorced twice before and, after a series of failed relationships, he wants to set expectations early on.

Gary Halbert also shares details about the kind of woman that he doesn’t want - all that while making this ad an incredibly amusing piece of writing for the readers to enjoy.

In fact, Gary uses specific, real examples (but fake names) to share his past relationship problems with certain kinds of women.

Transparency, authenticity, and a good sense of humor led to the popularity of this ad, which helped him both in his personal and professional life.

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7 Things Gary Halbert Does Not Want From A Woman


“Are you sleeping in your car because your rent is six months overdue?

Is your ex-husband a murderer who swears to mutilate any man who looks at you?

Do you desperately need money for the kidney transplant of your mother?”

The examples shared above are from what Gary labels “Desperate Dilemmas”. He also reveals that although he is generous, he has “retired” from his plans to save the world!

In the ad, Gary Halbert talks about the seven kinds of women he isn’t interested in - and the “Desperate Dilemmas” section is only one of the 7.

The first category is women with any life-threatening or sexually transmitted disease. Similarly, women with severe addiction problems shouldn’t apply as Gary wants a quality life with a healthy, well-maintained woman.

Then, as a point against marriage Gary Halbert states that he has been married twice before. He phrases this quite eloquently, by saying that he does not want to “own” a woman, only to enjoy being with her.

Now, it's clear why Gary doesn’t want to deal with people with any problems or traumatic experiences at all. 

Gary Halbert clearly states that he wants to be that special someone you see a few times a week and that makes you feel good. The idea of a ‘part-time paradise’ is clarified here!

He also doesn’t want women who can’t stand prosperity as that led to the end of his marriage previously - which is also a subtle way to show that life with him will be prosperous.

All these serve as a great way to both set expectations and disqualify the wrong women - something you can directly utilize in your own copy to exclude the wrong people from becoming your customers. 

How Does Gary Halbert Appeal To His Dream Woman?

Wow! That was an exhaustive list of dos and donts. 

Clearly, someone who qualifies will be the one to go through all of them and would still be interested!

It becomes obvious why the promotion invited all kinds of responses. At least, he was honest.

‘Perfect’ rarely exists as relationships require mutual effort and interest to make it work.

Next, Gary Halbert shares the physical requirements for his dream woman.

She should be between ages 25-35, slim, very pretty, and with a great sense of humor… He makes it even more clear who his “target customer” is - and while that’s not applicable to looking for a partner, it’s certainly something you can utilize in your sales copy.

For objection handling, Gary clarifies that people are skeptical of such ads as they are usually written by losers or psychotic people - he immediately claims that he isn’t one of them.

To further enhance that argument, he quotes some literally crazy personal ads, effectively creating distance between himself and these people.

I have to say, this is one of the most interesting ads I’ve ever studied!

Plus, since this was a detailed personal ad, it received an overwhelming response from women. 

Check the details in the video and share your thoughts on this one.


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Csaba Borzasi

Csaba Borzási is the founder of Game of Conversions. After spending 10 years learning the ins and outs of persuasion psychology, Csaba now focuses on what he loves most: helping ambitious entrepreneurs grow their online business and get more profitable customers. When he isn't geeking out on discovering how the human mind works, you can probably find him climbing a mountain, dancing salsa, or traveling around the globe.

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