Ramit Sethi | “Delegate and Done” – Breaking Down A Modern Sales Letter 

By  Csaba Borzasi

The past few weeks I've been busy breaking down proven sales letters written by the best copywriters of all time.

I'm talking about people like Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, John Caples, Bill Bonner, and Eugene Schwartz... just to name a few.

And although these are the same OG copywriters who basically invented this entire craft...

They wrote their masterpieces decades ago.

So that begs the question:

How does a modern-day online sales letter look like?

Are there similarities between this and the classic ads I've been breaking down so far?

Or is it something completely different?

Today I'm revealing just that - by analyzing Ramit Sethi's "Delegate and Done" sales page.

It's a great example of how to create a long-form sales page in 2021 that works.

Let’s dive into the breakdown.

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Ramit Sethi Shows How Hiring An Assistant Can Turn Your Life Around

The sales letter is targeted at entrepreneurs and solopreneurs earning around $100,000 every year.

Let’s look at the lead:


How many hours per week do you spend on tasks that never really add to your life?

Those emails, those errands, the endless back and forth, and the never-ending to-do list.

Imagine waking up and knowing all those tiny details would be taken care of automatically, exactly the way you like it”

Ramit Sethi addresses his sales page to the busy entrepreneur struggling to manage countless tasks. The solopreneur worrying about the million things in their to-do list.

He paints the picture of an ideal scenario where all the mundane tasks that don’t add real value will be taken care of - and at your standards too!

Well, wouldn’t that be great? That time could be spent with family or doing other meaningful work.

Ramit shares his story of how his life turned around when he hired an assistant in his 20s. As one may expect, his friends mocked him for his decision, saying things like “well, you aren’t the busiest person around.”

However, it helped him immensely when an assistant helped him optimize travel, shopping, gifts, questions, and scheduling.

By dimensionalizing the benefits, Ramit Sethi illustrates the ideal scenario. He doubles down by using a pop-culture example, promising a world where you’ll never forget a gift again. 

He also shares screenshots, as examples of how the various aspects of life are handled by an assistant. At the same time, he develops an emotional rapport with his audience by sharing a sneak peek into his everyday affairs.

Then, Ramit gives 30 more examples of how an assistant can make you more productive and help you achieve a better work-life balance.

This includes scheduling appointments, processing emails ad followups, researching questions, social media and preparing documents, etc.

Clearly, the purpose of this section is to emphasize how busy professionals can save a lot of time and be more effective individuals, all by learning how to delegate.

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How Ramit Sethi Handles Objections

Regardless of how an assistant can be the best choice for your business, people are reluctant to hire them.

But why? Ramit shares the top objections of entrepreneurs.

“I’m not the kind of person who’d get an assistant

How would I even use an assistant

How can I trust someone else to do this”

One of the main jobs of the copywriter is to deconstruct false beliefs & objections that prevent the reader from purchasing.

Ramit goes in detail on each objection, sharing personal examples and showing how an assistant may help you while also maintaining your standards.

For example, he says that you may not need an assistant if you wake up each morining and have an organised list of tasks to work on.

Or if you can’t even imagine delegating stuff like peanut butter to someone, then you don’t need help!

However, in most cases, busy entrepreneurs are struggling to balance all aspects of life. There are long term and short term goals, business conferences and events, etc. - so, getting help makes it A LOT easier.

How To Save 20+ Hours Every Week Like Ramit Sethi

The sales letter is mostly a compelling case study, where Ramit Sethi shares examples of his assistant helping him with several aspects of his life.

Just like many people, Ramit thought he would never need an assistant - but on the contrary, hiring one has been the best decision of his life.

In fact, Ramit Sethi saves twenty (20!) hours every week with the help of his assistant.

Imagine what that would mean for an entrepreneur charging $1000 per hour!

If you have a system like the one in Ramit’s “Delegate and Done” course, you too can be more efficient and productive.

Make sure to watch the more detailed analysis on the video.


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Csaba Borzasi

Csaba Borzási is the founder of Game of Conversions. After spending 10 years learning the ins and outs of persuasion psychology, Csaba now focuses on what he loves most: helping ambitious entrepreneurs grow their online business and get more profitable customers. When he isn't geeking out on discovering how the human mind works, you can probably find him climbing a mountain, dancing salsa, or traveling around the globe.

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